“Next game for us is away to Blades which is always a good venue and we could get a result”

“it will be no suprise to anyone for us to get a right good hammering on Saturday but football is a funny ol’ game.
We couldn’t even beat the likes of The Hatters in the CheckaTrade Trophy.
But I think we were needed another kick up the rear to bring us up for this one. In reality Blades are a massive club compared to us. getting nearly 20000 fans per game while they have been struggling in this god forsaken L1.
This has to be like our Wemberley this season and because of that the players could raise their game or, as we are a young squad, we could crumble.
I hope that we raise our game and grasp it with both hands for a 1-2 win”

“Billy Sharpe has been on fire and he was a handful last year.”

“Billy Sharpe has never failed to be involved in a goal somewhere along the way, so there’s no doubt that he will be a threat to us.” “They are really putting a run together and they’ve got some momentum behind them, so this could be the year for them.”

“Yaser Kasim, James Brophy and Bradley Barry doubts for them game”

“It is going to be a tough game and the playing surface there and the facilities oozes top class”

“Went to Bramall Lane in 2013, great (private) parking all around the stadium (we stayed in some office parking right opposite – cost about a fiver if I recall).  Fans were also great – we outplayed the Blades but came home worse off, a fact acknowledged by the brighter members of their fans!  This was the game where the ref got knocked out and was replaced by the female lino in the last ten minutes if I recall – and for the record she was better than the idiot who got knocked out!”

“I’d say Jay McEverly was the last decent full back in terms of defending ability”

“Apparently we have some “experienced” players lined up in January who have “played at the top level” so fingers crossed!”

“And who’s friend of the window cleaner who used to work on the oil rigs who knows your cousin told you that through your brothers nephew !”

“Swindon Adveriser website you cunt”

By Roy

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