“Sheffield Utd lost at home to Walsall, 1-0.
They missed a penalty and had a last minute goal disallowed.
It’s clear they struggle against 11 men.”

“They only just scraped past 9 men twice, we’ll shit them”

“Bout time Sheff U ran out of luck”

“ They certainly did run out of luck. The last two wins were against 9 men both times. They must have found it strange playing against the full compliment of 11.”

“They’re the Arsenal of league one, complete bottlejobs year in year out and I don’t expect them to maintain their title chase.
Chris Basham is a regular for them and he’s dogshit”

“Just been reading one of the threads on the SU forum,” Bolton in administration”
They seem desperate for us to be docked points, and obsessed with us losing Clough in January.
They then start slagging off the Macron big style, this from a club that annually bottle it, and whose ground only had three sides for ages, and a kop that needs a bomb under it. so great to see them lose tonight.”

“take a look on Bradfords forum, they’re exactly the same, desperate for us to go into admin and every comment regarding bolton wanderers is very bitter.. we’ve got them all running scared”

“If they pick a weakened team on Sunday & we chose our strongest side, they could have a good go at crocking us. “

“Sheff Utd are a side that are capable of giving us a walloping if we don’t play a full side. And that would be terrible for confidence.
Take the risk and play a full side. Third round, prem team, big gate, bit of money. I think the way we are playing we could give most prem sides a decent game and possibly cause an upset. “ “They are in exactly the same position as us. so will be interesting to see how strong the side they put out is (or if there fans are worried about putting out a full strength squad)”

“A win in the Cup not only keeps the momentum going, but could also provide the club wit much needed revenue from Round 3. An away game at a big club bankrolls us for a bit longer.”

“We’ve a realistic hope of promotion but no hope at all of winning the cup, but the cup could sabotage our promotion chances. “

“Full stadium would also go some way to paying the bills, but we know that ain’t happening, Christmas shopping to do. “

By Roy

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