Bury 1-3 Blades

“Played well first half. Great Mellis strike. Youngsters all did well – great to see.  Vaughan miss on 50 minutes was the turning point. Blades were on top from then. We can’t defend. Can’t fault the effort and today was not bad at all, but we are going down. Might be a very long time before we play the Blades again. Wilder is a winner.”

“Another hard luck story, albeit against a very strong and well supported side. We are a good side in general play and at time look very dangerous. But our defence is shocking and without having the benefit of seeing them again I think that all 3 conceded were down to an individual / collective mistake.”

“Sheffield United deserved their win, but 3-1 flattered them. We gave as a good as we got for 70 mins, but big 2 mistakes turned the game around. Vaughan’s miss and Styles error for the goal”

“I really feel the result would have been different had Vaughan found the back of the net.”

“Acceptable performance against a side who will be automatically promoted this season, probably along with Bolton; both have ability to dig out results when they don’t play that well, like today. Cracking strike by Mellis. We were well in the game up until Scott Burgess missed his chance he should have probably scored, as should Vaughan earlier on. After that, total control for Sheffield United and went on to score two easy goals.  “

“Naturally i came away from the game disappointed, especially as I thought 3-1 was tough on us, but I also felt optimistic for the future. Surely a win will come soon if we can consistently replicate that level of performance? As already mentioned, the young lads were superb. Styles thoroughly deserved his MOTM award and Bedeau put in a Cameron-esque performance alongside a Kay who is improving. Had either Burgess or Vaughan buried their excellent chances at 1-1 then the outcome could have been different. What I will say though is regards to the goals we conceded, it was like groundhog day. The first one was a debatable free kick conceded by Leigh, but why give the referee a decision to make? Their player is running away from goal, don’t concede a needless free kick and invite pressure. 2nd goal totally summed our season from a defensive point of view; ball given away cheaply in midfield, we’re all over the place at the back, no one stops the cross, and we clumsily score an own goal.”

“Soares had a straightforward game today as Sheffield Utd played through the middle and barely used the wings. Not seen a side play so narrow as them but they did it well.”

“If we have no intention of signing a better left back than Leigh then we may as well get Hussey back.Not a lot between them defending but worlds apart in their attacking and set piece play.”

“Hard to put the blame on any single person, Anthony Kay had another good game but we were up against the best team in the league. A club with 7 times the support we have. Sometimes you hold your hands up and say well played Sheff utd.”

“ Our younger players were exhausted by the middle of the second half “

“Our midfield can’t dominate their opponents Malc cos they stand too far off them! It would be interesting to see how many minutes were conceded to opps midfield.”

“Another poor ref giving bad decesions costing us”

“Soft free kick, given by the liner, for their first goal and, although I didn’t catch it, the lads around me (in line with the 6 yard box) were convinced there was an offside in the box from the free kick!”

“Never a free kick and Sharp looked offside before moving back on and turning it in. Ref fell apart in the second half and was struggling to be in the right places. Looked like he’d indulged far too much over Christmas.”

“Is it because of our record that refs decide to continue being card happy? What a shame that managers are not allowed to voice their opinions of match officials when they are as poor as ours in the 2nd half. “

“I didn’t expect a win but we did have a stonewall penalty waved away for handball; that was very disappointing.  All in all I thought we gave as much as we could with injuries to key players and young inexperienced players against a Championship quality side.  And it was so good to hear the SU faithful silenced if only for a short while, but fair play to them.  They’ve been in this league for too long.”


By Roy

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