“Can’t beat the teams below us and have the league leaders next. Great.”

“We’re gonna get fucked over. Sheff Utd must be pissing themselves.”

“Not looking forward to tomorrow”

“We are mentally and physically hopeless.”

“Last week without Ajose we had 20 shots 5 on target and people were saying had we had Ajose we would have won, however on Saturday we had Ajose and Colkett and from 9 attempts only 2 on target. We are fucking shite, & a laughing stock.
Bollocks to the” better the devil you know” Power needs to fuck off and take that wanker Williams with him. Power sell the club and just fuck off because as a club we are finished uunder your stewardship.”

“If only L2 was as far as we’ll fall. Power’s ‘model’ is, first and foremost, about making money. Any success on the pitch is secondary. Next year’s budget will be cut to a level whereby he can still get his cut. He bangs on about us being debt free, which is true apart from the fact that the club owe him personally instead at God knows what interest rate.
Obviously, many want him gone but I dread what actual state the club will be in when he does go. His previous business history is littered with bankruptcies and bust companies – including the now defunct Rushton and Diamonds.”

“Until its mathematically impossible, we go again and keep fighting”

“Technically that’s true, but the fighting bit seems to be the issue.”

“I’m annoyed at myself for still caring, useless cunts”

“I still can’t believe there are two teams below us!”

By Roy

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