Oldham 1-1 Blades

“Our pitch is a utter disgrace for a professional football club!  Surprised clubs don’t get fined for pitches that bad!”

“Love seeing fans complain about the pitch now – if your players can’t play on that when they’re on £5k-£10k pw they really have a problem. it’s the same for both sides and professionals should be able to adapt to it”

“Teams whinging about our pitch, players get paid to play on all kinds of surfaces, Bradford managed it so why can’t others? “

“They’re all comlaining about the pitch when all they did was hoof it up top all game cracking turnout though, well earned point “

“Sums up this league that Sheff Utd are top….Very average. Shame we didn’t win that. “

“It’s a good point, and a point I don’t see Northampton or Port Vale getting when they play them. “

“Deserved all 3 points today”

“Bit uneventful but enjoyed it – amazing what an atmosphere can do… Fane standout for me but most had decent games against an underwhelming Sheffield side. “

“Happy with that, but I expected more from Sheff Utd”

“Decent point that, probably deserved all 3. I thought that huge club were supposed to roll us over easily!”

“Nothing says ‘massive club’ like celebrating a 1-1 draw at Oldham with smoke bombs “

“they’ve been in this league for a good 5/6 years. they’ll go back up and straight back down” “based on that performance, not sure how Sheff Utd are that far clear at the top. there seemed to be genuine respect between both teams’ players at the end” 

“Did someone tell Billy Sharp to avoid the ball between the hours of 3pm and 5pm today?”

“Good battling performance, more than deserved the draw! Sheff U were damn average just a hoof it team & fans quiet most of game!”

“Great result and whole team played well and deserved a draw.Tope motm for me .Rock steady defence and good tackling in midfield.If we can continue in the same vein under Shez then we will stay up.Good support for us.Hardly heard Sheff until they scored from their few chances”

“Good numbers from Sheff United today, expected a lot more noise from them to be honest. Still, good following”

“Leeds took the same, no biggy and expected of a side who get 18,000 plus and are top, about time they sold the allocation out”

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