“we are definitely getting outnumbered on Saturday”

“So they’ve sold 4600? Fairplay… what other teams have done that in the recent past?”

“When was the last time we were outnumbered at home?”

“We should treat the game like an away day, get everyone who wants to get behind the team stood behind the goal and try to get a great away day atmosphere going.”

“ There’s simply no point for Sheffield United and Bolton. Make as much of a din as you want but being outnumbered at a home game means you’re wasting your time.”

“The fans I’m sure will be up for a clash against Sheffield United, like they have the last few home games since Shez came back.”

“Can’t see us getting 10 more points, though I think we’ll do enough to survive. Other teams are in far poorer form than us “

“our form isn’t poor at all. It’s good.”

“Hope our players see what these think of our club on their forum.No need for any team talk.I really want a win to help us and wipe the smug smiles off their faces.”

“The ref at weekend is the one Sheridan had the run in with while at Notts County.  Can’t see us getting much. “

“Might have to stick some money on a Sheffield United penalty or over number of Latics yellow cards “

“Even more reason for getting a win.Going to be tough and David and Goliath game but if we are up for a fight then we can do it. “

“We won’t win but I’d be surprised if the currently available 6/1 is still there come Saturday. “

“Why write us off.If we play at our best and take our chances then we will win”

“ If ever a game wreaked of a one all draw, it’s this one… “

“Depends if the ref is a blades fan like usual”

“Swerving this one, their fans are knobs at the best of times, will be unbearable for this.”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Oldham”
  1. Why are Blades fans knobs? We are top of the league and confident which is what Latics fans would be if they were in our position . It has been along time comein

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