Blades 2-0 Coventry

“Was always going to be an anti-climax tonight wasn’t it. I’m actually in a weird way looking forward to us being mathematically down so we can start thinking about next season. I’m so glad we’ve had Wembley as a bit of a distraction from an overall God awful season.”

“Think it was expected, sounded like we matched them for a good hour tonight.”

“Does this mean we can stop the complete over reaction to winning the tin pot cup?”

“I can’t help but think we will fall yet further and more shit to hit the fan before too long. Namely Ricoh deal ending this time next season. Can’t see that ending well at all.”

“They made the tactical changes and it changed the game”

“Sheffield’s game is exactly like Bradford. Long diagonal ball to Hanson” “From the off the midfield was weak. I get trying to set up defensively from the front but by Half Time, when I’d have taken a 0-0, we should have changed things.
Sheffield united made their subs minutes into the second half. I’m thinking that was tactical on their part rather than them thinking ‘shit, Coventry have made a change. We need to do the same’. Mind games and it paid off.”

“Every game I have been to this season, it’s been the case that the oppo haven’t looked any good and that we’ve looked OK. Until mid-Feb I held out hope that the league table was lying and we’d be able to ease to safety once we found our confidence. No longer.”

“A job well done for the league’s top side. Clearly boding well for their efforts next season against teams that are above garbage.”  

“one positive. sheff Utd will be relegated themselves next season. wait n see. “

“Sheffield manager will probably say we are one of the best sides they’ve played and he doesn’t understand why we are bottom.”

“Sheffield United are just simply a better team than us and the quality in front of goal was the difference”

“This is how shit Sheffield United are they need two former Cov players to create the goal to score against us!”

“You have to see the irony of our season. Fleck assist and Clarke scores then Fleck himself scores.
You couldn’t make it up.”

“It frustrates me, all these players we’ve had over the years like Fleck who have been average or poor for us, we stick by them for years, they then screw us over go somewhere else and put some effort in.”

“Fleck was definitely above average for is, certainly the last couple of seasons.”

“In the first half of a few games he was good in the second half of nearly every game he disappears”

“John Fleck is a good league one player but no good for the championship. That was proven last summer when he didn’t get any offers from there and had to go to the top end league one. He’ll either get relegated badly or end up dropped. back in Scotland on the deep fried heroin in a couple of years.”

“That John Fleck looked quality. How did they snap him up on a free?”

“Seeing John fleck tearing it up pains me inside”

“I think we should all throw a big paddy and hold a pointless grudge as sufc fans delayed the game by 15 minutes today” “at least we won’t have to breath the same air as those scum bags for a while, every cloud….. “

“All this shit about trying to get the game abandoned reminded me a match they played against Albion.
Did that nice chap Warnock get a player to feign injury hoping for a referees abandonment due to only having 7 players left on the pitch ?
Didn’t work for the cheating bastards though , iirc West Bromwich were awarded the points.”

“in our 34 years in the top flight, Sheffield United were in the leagues below for the vast majority of that period, 24 of the 34 seasons. They’ve had one season in the top flight since relegation in 1994. Hardly the giants they make themselves out to be.”

“During our years in the top flight we beat them 9 times and lost 5, the rest were drawn. In other years they weren’t good enough to play us. So that sort of confirms they are stupid as well as being lowlife.
We may not be a huge club any more, but we don’t have to worry about being overshadowed by another team in the city like they do. Maybe that explains their permanent inferiority complex and ridiculous aggression. Especially as the other team seems to attract the more intelligent half of the city as its support.”

“Do we really care what anyone thinks about us? I really couldn’t give a toss. The way I look at it is, if they hate us like they say they do then they’ll never forget who we are!”

“if it was roles reversed this place would be BUZZING about promotion
i guess they dont love their club as much”

“I can also say that if the roles were reversed I would 100% support their right to protest in any way they saw fir to save their club. I guess some people just don’t see the bigger picture because they’re cunts.”

“While I can understand the need for banter and Sheff U’s citizens being upset about the protest (be fair, even we were unhappy before and after the event), the extremes they seem to have gone to in oneupmanship on their forum beggars belief. Reading some comments linking this game to what the Luftwaffe did to Coventry in 1940 leaves me cold.”

“I’ve been to the ground loads of times – not just when we’ve played either – and I’ve always found it far more pleasant than Wednesday. I remember being dumped out the cup by Wednesday one season when Gibson scored a couple in a 3-2 defeat I think and they were far from classy then believe me.”

“Apologies in advance but are we talking about the same Sheffield united that average 500 away fans at away games? Even my Sheffield united workmate doesn’t get this anti cov thing. He finds it a bit childish and embarrassing.”

“I still think they have small man syndrome and I really hope they get Mullered next season. What a bunch of twats!, they have done nothing in my lifetime except play second fiddle to their neighbours. Who by the way often brought good support with them.”

“While I massively dislike them for that FA Cup game, I’ve always found their nornal fans to be decent when going up there. Enjoyed the craic with them many times before games vs them.”

“24k there tonight. Pathetic for such a giant.” “Laughing at Fleetwood ruining their promotion party”

“Sheffield united what a shit club, only sing for 2 mins after scoring and about sisu”

“I’ve chosen some of the comments from their chat site at random:

– “Coventry fans are poo-poo heads”
– “I’m going to get my Dad to beat them up”
– “I think they are horrid and smell of wee-wee”
– “Na na na na na”

And some of the responses from here:

– “Sheffield is silly and old and silly and stupid”
– “SUFC fans smell like old smelly farts and bogies”
– “What you say is what you are”
– “My Dad is bigger than your Dad””

By Roy

7 thoughts on “View From Coventry”
  1. I just look at the table to see the gulf between the 2 teams
    when I started watching football coventry had always been a div 3 south or div 4 team , they did well under jimmy hill , hes gone now , so have Coventry, , blades 60 years in the top flight won it , and 4 fa cups , cream rises back to the top

  2. I don’t and didn’t think there was any issue’s between united and Coventry, I hope everything works out and applaud you guys for making a stand.
    Well done on Sunday , brilliant support.
    As for last night I think united were nervous especially the first half. Six years in that league has been awful as you guys now.
    Good luck, hopefully things will change and you will come back better and stronger.

  3. What a Bell End you are, “We’re all Blades aren’t we” We’re top of the league, We’re top of the league, We’re Sheffield United and We’re top of the league……..

  4. Just WTF would a Coventry fan know about The Blades being good enough to stay in the championship next season. Just because you fuckers don’t have a pot to piss in doesn’t mean The Blades haven’t, we will buy better players if needed. Our Ex Coventry players had a problem playing well at Coventry, looking at the league positions, obviously the problem wasn’t them it was Coventry.

  5. Some proper knuckle-dragging on both sides. I wish Coventry all the best. Like the Cov fan said, those of us with brain-cells have always enjoyed the pre-match craic with each other, home and away, and I can’t understand the bad blood at all. Maybe it’s an age thing. I’m loving the fact that we’re heading back in the right direction. Hope the Sky Blues aren’t too far behind. Now if you’ll excuse us we have some pigs to roast!

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