Northampton 1-2 Blades


“We were good to today, we competed with the best team in the league and didn’t look out of place until the last twenty minutes. Really cannot explain how we ended up with so many Blades fans in the home ends, most of who were intent on causing trouble. As much as before the game we were happy for them to have their moment on the pitch at the end, throwing punches at home fans means I hope they all come back down to earth when the wonderful “one of their own” gets poached by a “bigger” club in the summer. “

“I liked the look of fleck in their midfield – just the type of player we desperately need, a McCourt with legs and ability”

“As for the blades fans in the home section – and over the years I have done it many times – there is a certain etiquette- at places like Milwall you keep you mouth and celebrations firmly muted – in a more friendly place (and sixfields is) maybe let the world know you are an away fan with a cheer and a clap but you don’t give it large the way the 9 or 10 fans in the lower west stand north end were doing – as for the little bone head **** with the blue polo top (and embarrassed girl friend in tow) – what a hard man you are threatening pensioners – complete and utter ****. “ “Im glad I missed this ‘party’, Im somewhere nice and hot. I fully expected the niceties being thrown in the direction of Sheff Utd and Wilder being completely reversed in the event of todays scenario mapping out, and thats precisely what happened!
I mean. Fans invading the pitch after an equaliser and then a last minute winner to secure promotion. Team just below them losing so they are only 1 win away from being champions. Wilder giving it ‘large’ as he somewhat surprisingly celebrates hard when his home town team whom he manages achieves the seasons targets. WTF did people expect?!
I hate seeing other teams celebrate on our pitch, regardless of whom they are. Hate it. Im therefore staggered that the Wilder w@nk fest was even considered. Fair play to the bloke, and his team…and the very best of luck to them from now on in. Especially against the 4th from bottom team next weekend, Port Vale. “

“In the 1st half our back 4 and defensive set up held them at bay, but then Wilder introduced first Sharp and then Hanson to play with Clarke up front and you could see CW going mad at the 3 of them to spread wide and make the pitch big – this then started to play havoc with our defensive plan, they got the equaliser and were threatening more when JE did what he probably had to do and went for 3 at the back by introducing McDonald for a midfielder to match them, and straight away Wilder takes off Clarke and brings on another midfielder meaning we’ve now got 1 defender too many and 1 midfielder too few thus inviting them on to us even more.
They then seemed to have a breather for 10 mins or so before coming strongly again at the end like they nearly always do, getting a late goal like they nearly always do and winning promotion!
It’s a simple game really, but it does help when you’ve got subs like Sharp and Hanson to bring on and a couple of wily old foxes to devise a cunning plan.” “Agree about the blades fans, that bloke in the blue top was threatening people sitting by us and he was totally out of order. You’ll never stop fans getting in the home sections unfortunately but they should at least behave themselves and show some respect.  On the plus side thought we played well today and at least deserved a point and I am still laughing at the great rugby tackle by the steward today on the blades fan that decided to run onto the pitch”
“I don’t mind sitting with oppo fans! I have sat with Luton next to me before. As long as they keep their mouth shut and don’t react to a goal or whatever, that’s fine. I’ve even shakenhands and had them thank me for our hospitality in the past. But when it is clear that they’ve had too much do drink or are taking the p*ss, they should be chucked out. Today, Blades fans crossed that line…and our response was poor. I also felt that Chris Wilder could have toned down his celebrations…didn’t give us enough respect I’m sorry to say!” “For a bit of balance, I’ve just been on the train home to Nuneaton in a carriage full of Sheffield United fans offering me beers and flutes of champagne, teaching them our ‘he’s appeh’ song.
A big emotionally-charged game + a large away following + a day on the booze + fans in the home end will always be a recipe for trouble, whoever we were playing. There were a few idiots around today but I don’t think Blades fans are any worse than most other clubs in that regard. “

“Most utd fans I spoke to after the game were apologetic about the behaviour of some, but, as we also have a minority of idiots, it’s something unfortunately we have to live with.
Onwards and upwards.”

“I think it just showed a lack of class from the Blades fans. We had more than twice that number at Fratton Park last season but we showed we knew how to behave. I have no problem with them coming on the pitch at the end, but a couple of them took a swing at Adam Smith after the 1st goal and as for the tw*ts who went to the North Stand to give it Billy big b*llocks. Complete lack of class” “Much ado about nothing, they were understandably in high spirits, a lot of hand shaking going on by the tunnel with us and them, their day in the sun and all that, we should allow them that…I did point out to a copper that what was going on was ‘pitch encroachment’ and that I know a few lads who have got banning orders for that, he just gave me a cheesy grin and looked  away… “

“I don’t have a problem with them coming on the pitch to celebrate – we did the same last season. and to be fair, most of the Blades who were sat close to me in the West Lower North were no trouble – they sat on their hands for most of the game, celebrated their goals but that’s about it. But I did spot one pond-life Blade on his way from the North stand give a quite deliberate and petty slap on the face of a supporter who was just minding his own business heading for the exits. Why do that? What is the point? “

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Northampton”
  1. So sorry your fans had to put up with that, trust me these people just bring the name of Sheffield United into the gutter, not all Blades are like that. Good luck for next season, really hope you do well, never had a problem with Northampton.

  2. Really sorry to hear about the problems , simply unacceptable and an embarrassment to our club. I guess when you have so many fans there will be the odd nutcase but it is still very disappointing.Northampton seems to be a great club and from the vast majority of sensible SUFC supporters , we wish you all,the very best for the future.

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