Port Vale 0-3 Blades

“Weak defeat. 3-0 was harsh but we have nothing up front! Should of had a penalty seconds after the restart but one of them which felt very weak from us”

“Thought the difference was obvious, we had a few decent chances and conceded less chances than say against MK where we didn’t concede but that’s why their top when they take 3 of your 5 chances and we take none. First goal was a bad one for our keeper to concede, second a great strike, third was straightforward.”

“The most depressing thing about today for me – and there were plenty to choose from – was that I thought they were a very average side on that showing and we literally gifted the goals to them without asking them to do very much at all.”

“A tremendous goal by Clarke totally finished the game for me today. Not a great deal between the teams until then but when you’ve got a team completely devoid of goals then what *******” “Just a look at our forward line in comparison to theirs was proof enough for me that we will go down and stay down for a long time. Clarke and Sharpe constantly on the move working and harassing our back four. “

“I thought we created a few half chances and Sheffield United didn’t do a great deal but found themselves 2-0 up. I guess that’s the difference between top and bottom, they have Sharp and Clarke to take the few chances they had” “Men against boys today. United played in 2nd gear after the goal.” “Imagine the score if Utd needed the points!!?”

“I know we are not doing so good at the moment, but it wouldn’t go amiss when yet another blatant penalty and obvious red card was missed in the first minute of the second half.
Not saying we would have got anything as we are probably the worst side ever against 10 men but how the ref didn’t see that hand ball is beyond me. Just think we aren’t getting any luck that’s all”

“Sheffield spent £800,000 on their strikers. We spent £27,000 on ours. And I know which club was robbed.”

“ take today against the Blades, think we finished on about the same points last year yet they improved their squad and we tore ours apart and look at the difference today (yeah the few million quid extra budget probably helps too mind)”

“Why allow ****** from both sides to throw flares?
Why ask the United fans to sit down twice and make yourself look stupid?
Why announce the attendance and make our club look tinpot?” “We’ve still got loads of nutters. Say what you like (and I thought some of the actions were all for show today, namely trying to break down the metal fence next to the Police box at FT) but the anger and bravado stems from a genuine passion for the club. The fact that they all turned up to ensure that Sheff Utd couldn’t take the **** makes me quite happy tbh.”

“The only good thing about the club at the moment is we’ve still got loads of “nutters. They provide the only entertainment “

“Certain fans from both sides were an utter embarrassment.”

“Idiots on both sides.” “

“Sheff utd fans are nothing short of scum throwing flares into the paddock come and celebrate by all means but they were a disgrace” “Animals a lot of them. One of the flares was on fire as it come across, hits a kid or something and it’s a serious injury.”

“All absolute scumbags” “Throwing flares at kids. Classy as ever”

“They should be ashamed of their fans”

“Backwards northern cocks”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Port Vale”
  1. All I can say is don’t call us all scumbags and idiots and animals and backward. I am affair ALL Clubs have these kind of fans in my opinion all club should ban trouble makers
    Most are young kids with ale in side them so why do clubs still sell it inside all grounds

  2. don’t just blame the sheff utd fans when both sets of fans were trowing flares and what about outside at full time police holding away fans back only to be pelted with bricks were women and kids were standing coach windows put through
    all clubs have the idiot element but 2 years running this as happened !!!

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