Blades 3-0 Bradford

“Congratulations to Sheffield United. Just watched the game on Sky
Sometimes you have to admit that you’ve been beaten by the better team and today that was the case
3-nil at half time i feared we might get spanked 5-6 nil
Give the City players credit they showed professionalism in the 2nd half didn’t concede and tried to play
We saw today the options the blades had in attack unlike us where our only outlet appeared to be Marshall who tried his best
Wyke fed off scraps although he should have scored with a header from a Marshall cross when it was 2- nil
We didn’t play that badly had plenty of possession but no end product unlike me the blades when every time they attacked they looked dangerous
We are still in a good position and need to get it out of our system when we play Wimbledon
Today we got beaten by a very good organised team with quality players”

“On this occasion we simply have to put our hands up. The Blades had a great first half and not many sides could have lived with them on that form. To be honest I didn’t think that we played that badly first half, yes we needed that spark in the box but again United defended well with plenty of men back. I didn’t feel, at half-time, that it was a 3-0 game.
It just shows that when the pressure is lifted, how a team can play with such confidence.
And by the way, all those on here who said that Leon Clarke wasn’t good enough for us, when at Bury, kindly put your hands up and say you were wrong.”

“They bought Hanson as they didn’t think Clarke was good enough. Sheffield United fans think he’s crap.
Aside from today he’s done nothing.”

“Leon Clarke Born: 10 February 1985 (age 32 years) League goals per game 0.29
Billy Sharpe Born: 5 February 1986 (age 31 years) League goals per game 0.42
Both these guys are in the later stages of their respective careers.
Can they step up a division, can they perform as they have done this season?
Not sure they are the future. Especially now young Hanson is in the fold.”

“We must learn from the lessons provided by Sheffield United for next season.
They had a slight wobble in January and it looked like the wheels might be coming off. They went out and strengthened their squad, and haven’t looked back.”

“Sheffield are not champions for nothing they have resources we can only dream of, they can afford to rest players etc.”

“Simple fact is Sheffield Utd are way better than everyone else in this very average division, as their points total shows.”

“The standard we need to aquire was there for all to see today , they could play football , they played for 1 another and when required could dish it out as well . What ever the outcome over the next 2 games ( i believe we will win next week ) we have done a lot better than i, and many others expected , lets not forget at the offset the new owners had a 3 year plan . With the influx of 4 or maybe 5 players i see no reason why we cant emulate Sheffield United next year if we dont go up”

“They are top and champions by mile for a reason. For me losing this game is not a disaster, although I thought it did highlight some of our main problems.
Firstly as a team I accept we are not that tall but this game I thought they out muscled us, put in the bad challenges to break up our attacks and just looked stronger. We did start to stand up to it but far to late in the game.”

“None of the teams in the playoffs are anywhere near as creative as Sheff U. None of the teams, including Bolton, did anything that we should fear and if anything we should have had 20 out of the 10 matches rather than the paltry 8 that we got”

“They were excellent today and proved why they are champions. The quality of their squad is a step above ours and shows what a gap there is to bridge if we get promoted.”

“We were shocking they were every inch champions”

“Today wasn’t about us. It was about sheff united. They humbled us and showed us how far behind the top level of this division we are.”

“Well, any of the delusions chucked around on here about how there is ‘no better side than us in this league’ was truly put to bed. The fitness, intensity and ability to trap the ball dead was on another level from city. Every sheff united attack that streamed forward was underpinned by each man knowing where his teammate would be to the inch, and also anticipating what pass would come next. ”

“We made them look like barcelona at times today formation and tactics all wrong at the start too defensive and allowing them to play football at their pace no closing down. That said they have won the league for a reason because they are the best team in this league and i would rather play like that against them than any other team in the promotion hunt.”

“I saw a tweet earlier saying a Blades fan would be happy if they rolled over and we tickled there bellies so we could win…
More like a Sheffield United love in from our lot including McCall.” “I don’t get all the arse kissing for Sheff Utd. People including me have rightly mentioned their position and Championship quality, but it’s at the point where some of it is bordering on nauseating.
They were a very good side when they came to VP in that they were the only side to match our energy at the time. A very even contest.
Compare us now and then and in terms of energy, confidence and movement of the ball we’ve regressed. We were overwhelmed by efficient movement of players and the ball, combined with composited shooting.”

“we got taken up the arse harder than Jenna Jameson has ever done in her career”

“Not sure about them being CC quality team. I’d predict they will change at least half that team before start of next season”

“Dire atmosphere,dire football,dire league one champions.”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Bradford”
  1. Fair assesment to be honest don’t think it was one of our better games, think we never got out of third gear today, and in the second think we played in reverse, but from the start of the season we’ve come on leaps and bounds, we’ve got better and better, the understanding, the togetherness, the type of football we play will put us in good stead for next year, yes he’ll have to tweak here and there but no major overhauls, Leon Clarke you mentioned we’ve only seen him ourselves for a few games been injured quiet a lot that’s why they got hanson, not a fan if I’m been honest, so I think Chrissy will have to get a couple of strikers, think you’ll get in playoffs but don’t honestly think you’ll win it love you to for Stuart mcall, these last 6 yrs in that awful league will probably be the worse I’ve seen in going to lane for the last 50 yrs hope you get out soon because it’s so dire utb

  2. It was a game Bradford could never win sheff Utd squad to big and strong dish it out and played really good team football no super stars well done you Blades head and shoulders above everyone in that league but it took six years

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