MK Dons 0-3 Blades

“so Robbie wants us to emulate Sheff Utd. I’m struggling to think of a moreaccomplished league one side ever in my experience. Ignoring the gamesmanship and the fact that on balance of chances the scoreline flattered them, they look a finely tuned machine.
High quality across the pitch, well-drilled, a balanced unit, but above all – smart. Small things like Sharp hanging in Williams’ blind spot until he saw what he was going to do and then pounced. Every aspect of their game practiced to perfection.
Would any of our current squad get into their team? I don’t think so. That’s the size of Robbie’s task.”

“I disagree, the MK Dons side which won promotion to the Championship two years ago would have stuffed the Sheffield United side we saw today. In fact if Dean Lewington’s shot would have found the net in the first half I believe today’s result would have been totally different. All 3 goals today were down to basic bad defending rather than good play by Sheffield United. If they don’t strengthen they will struggle in the Championship next season, having said that, the big difference is, they will strengthen. “

“Sheffield united were obviously the better side and imo the best side I’ve seen this season at stad mk, first 10mins it looked like it would be a cricket score. Thought we got back into it after that. Had lewie’s shot had gone in instead of hitting the post it might have been different, who knows. Their second goal was yet another defensive error. All in all we were outplayed, their movement and organisation was superb so no real complaints. Their fans were loud and I didn’t see any trouble apart from ripping the sheeting down on the concourse.”

“That is the standard Sheff United have set….if we ever have hopes of a promotion push next season, we are so far off that standard…and Neilson has a massive rebuilding job on his hands. Not saying he cannot do it, but what a huge task he has.”

“Sheffield United are a very good side, in fact I would go as far as saying they are exceptional for this league, with one or two decent additions I can see them in the top six of the championship.
Pointless comparing us with them at the present time”

“Sheffield had a team full of men, who knew how to win.
We have kids. “

“The thing that made me laugh was Blades fans giving the Ole’s when this was the first game in five seasons of meeting us that they’ve actually strung more than three passes together!
They’ll have money to inptrove in The Championship that we never did. They won’t finish the season with many that played today”

“Enjoyed the atmosphere in TGIF – and dreaming this will be us next season.”

“That was tragic.
Most of the lads with their hands in their pockets strolling around hardly getting anywhere near the fans. When they were given the balls to hand out to the crowd they just mucked about with them between themselves. Manager didn’t come out until most had already left.
A respectful handful signed autographs for a good 30 minutes. Reeves, Baldock, Tilney, Potter and Martin – thank you.
Surely a lap of appreciation should be more than just a quick half-arsed clap? “

“One Blades fan got kicked shitless celebrating a goal whilst sitting in the Cowshed, he was dragged out as plenty were having a swing.”

“Disgusting animals. Hope a few banning orders get dished out. “

“Good to hear that our fans are beginning to dish out deserved beatings to fools. “

“Northern tw*ts. F- em.
Did you see that group drinking in the bushes by the side of ASDA?…..Dearie me….”

”Really, saw a couple stupidly celebrating the goal but just assumed the stewards moved them out. Why would you sit there? They could quite easily have relocated to the away end with the other group sitting in the east stand.”

By Roy

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