“Tough game for us… but its at home so we have a small chance with our home record. Hopefully they will let off the accelerator a bit.”

“I wonder if the Promotion Party crowd will bring a 3 point present for us? Or will they have their eyes on the Champions spot, more or less certain so why should they begrudge us? With only 2 home games left giving us any chance of points, will we have enough players to field a respectable team? Talk about cup-ties, we will need to be giant-killers.”

“You’d think there is a chance where one team will play like they are ready for the beach, and play as if no more effort is required for the rest of the season. The players will stroll around and not be bothered.But when the other team is Sheffield United, who are top of the league, I don’t reckon much chance exists.”

“I can’t wait for this one, win or lose. Such a shame to lose such a big team from league one.
Will be great to have a decent away following and a great atmosphere.” “

The atmosphere will turn a little sour should they score early. Hopefully they give us some reason to back them. That only needs to be doing the basics right. Hard tackles etc.
The worry I’ve got is that we just stand of and admire them as they kick it in the net loads.”

“If Sheffield have the mindset, and play their normal game, we could get well and truly stuffed.”

“Its going be embarassing just like my spelling is. They will win easily something like 4 nil and there will be more of there fans there than ours.”

“I have to say I’m fearing the worst here. They had the ball in the net EIGHT times in the reverse fixture with all four disallowed goals marginal and only pulled back after they started celebrating. They won that day at an absolute canter. So imagine, pressure off, backed by 4,500 fans in party mood…. my guess would be a repeat of Walsall last year. “

“I’ll be very surprised if we keep the score down to 4.”

“Fancy a win in this one, Sheff Utd already promoted and taking it easy.”

“They won’t be taking it easy, they will want to go up as champions.”

“We will have to wait and see. They haven’t been fantastic on the road recently. They only need 3 points to win the league I would think they would prefer to do it at Brammall lane. Hopefully anyway!”

“They’ll probably thump us whilst taking it easy. We haven’t played a good side at VP for a while. I think we’re in for a shocker.”

“Taking it easy or not they’ll still probably smash us.”

“one would hope they want to win the league in front of there home fans but honestly think they are going hammer us 5+ to nil”

“get chris morgan dust his boots off and batter that little shitte billy sharpe with his trusty elbow.”

“I’d take Sharp out first tackle”

“Loads of celebrating blades fans as they put at least three goals up relegation vales rubbish players supported by a couple of thousand die hards wearing there badge of STUPID proudly and forlornly on the continually declining road to obscurity !!”

“I think this one could be a humiliating double figure loss followed by a load of idiots fighting after the game. Not looking forward to this one at all.”

“Living in Sheffield on the United side of the city I can guarantee you they will be up for this one. Championship on the line. Their fans are up for it as well bearing in mind what happened last year. There will be at least 4300 of them there possibly more in our parts of the ground. The way we are playing we are going to get hammered.I am aware that fans will be going without tickets for the away end. This suggests they will make their way into the Bycars and Railway paddock a recipe for disaster. I hope the club put measures in place to try to prevent this happening otherwise I can see a punch up occurring. Blades fans took exception to the way they were treated the last time they paid us a visit.”

“I hope they all go in the Railway and get carried out on stretchers.”

“The rumours circulating at Chesterfield yesterday were that now the Hamils sold out they are snapping them up for the Bycars. If they’re going to leave on stretchers they will need a good few hundered by all accounts.” “Horrible club with horrible fans even though we are going down I would love it if we stuffed them.” “Not advocating it, but there’ll inevitably be trouble if there’s Sheff United in any Vale end. As they say, beware of a wounded animal.”

“Not condoning any violence but if they turn up in town taking the **** then its going to be inevitable. Celebrate your promotion fine, but don’t act all hard thinking you can run around our town giving it the big un, as unlike other places this won’t be tolerated. Have a drink, keep themselves to themselves and enjoy the game then **** off. This won’t be what the majority of their lot do, and i am sure it will be our ‘thugs’ that get the blame.”

By Roy

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