“We welcome Sheffield United to Sixfields in a game that could see them win promotion.Our point at Dale sees us pretty much safe on 51 points, so hopefully we can play with some freedom and give the Blades a good game.
Expecting an absolutely thunderous reception for Chris Wilder and Alan Knill, no one has forgotten what they did for us over the course of 2 and a half seasons, and it’s no surprise to any of a Cobblers persuasion that they look set to win another league title.
1-1, with that being enough for the Blades to go up, and Wilder/Knill to be celebrating another promotion at Sixfields at the same time, with our promotion confirmation coming at home this weekend last year.”

“Similarly, we dropped away and only got 99 points last season, probably the only regret of a fantastic time. CW may use that to push them on when promotion is confirmed.”

“After their win on Wednesday, looks like a good chance they could be promoted at Sixfields on April 8th. Would you begrudge them that? “

“I wouldn’t begrudge them
The best team in the division,fantastic squad,top manager,proper team.”

“could be the most surreal experience, possibly losing a game yet full of emotion and pride for the legend that is Chris Wilder…nothing more than the great man deserves!
Should be a fantastic day no matter what…”

“Perfect home coming for wilder. As long as were safe I’ll be on the pitch with their fans reliving last years success”

“Apart from the Warnock period when they tried to kick their way around the Premier League, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Blades.  So I’ll feel pleased for them. I’m gonna forgive Wilder and Knill for touting Charlton as soon as they left the Market Square last May and say thanks to a management team that bought the second best Cobblers promotion in my lifetime.”

“I’d be delighted. Personally I bear Wilder and Knill no ill will whatsoever after what they did for us last year, both on and off the pitch. We owe them a debt of gratitude and I imagine it would be nice for Wilder to clinch it in front of two sets of friendly faces.
Even for those among us who don’t like the way they left, I’d hope we as a set of supporters can be gracious enough to step back a little and recognise that back to back title wins with different clubs is a remarkable achievement.
Whatever anyone else does, I’ll certainly be sticking around at the end to acknowledge their accomplishments.”

“I’m gonna spend all game blowing kisses at CW.”

“Can’t reveal the exact plans at this stage, but keep an eye on the away dugout about 20 minutes in! If all goes well, I will fellate Chris Wilder (to completion) to thank him for last season.
I will then be in the West Stand concourse at half time, for questions, autographs and will be happy to pose for photos with jism all over my face.”

“Chris Wilder is undoubtably a legend at this club and my all time favourite Cobblers manager .
Having said that , I think he had no intention of staying at the club beyond last season and cultivated his move to Sheffield .
As a result , he left us unprepared for the following season because many of the deals are done before the season finished . It left the clown Page with a lot to do and we suffered for it .
Wilder knew full well he was off as soon as the bus pulled into the market square and he stepped off.
I don’t think KT was overly impressed by that either if he is honest .
That said , Wilder is a legend for what he did”

“We are Edinburgh men now and we need to put their promotion party on hold, if only to serve as a reminder to Mr Wilder that we are still Northampton and not those no marks down the A34.”

“I tell you what I don’t like – people that sing “. There’s only one Chris Wilder ” during a game like they did last Saturday . Totally out of order .
Get behind the current manager and team and when Sheffield Utd come to Sixfields make it hostile for them .
Do what you want after the game has finished but this is now and that was then .”

“Personally I don’t think all 4 sides will sing his praises , possibly 1 and a bit. There might be some polite applause for CW*, but even so some might hurl a few caustic comments …   SU supporters in the home areas may have an uncomfortable time if they openly/brazenly support the visitors.”

“hope we p*ss all over them and Wilder gets sent to the stands.
Like, I’d always be grateful to an ex wife for my fantastic kids, but I don’t want to see her sucking off her new bloke “

“I want us to beat them more than any other opponent this season, given that they might go up if they beat us. I was absolutely gutted when they scored in the 90th minute on News Year Eve.”

“There were people singing ” there’s only one CW ” during our last home match and it was a disgrace .
Everyone understands what CW did , but back the current players and team .”

“What I can’t understand is why unlike wilder, Appleton wasn’t offered a string of jobs after storming league 2 last season?”

By Roy

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