“A draw isn’t unrealistic, think the cup win could give us the confidence to man up and fight to the last for the season. Then again we could get thumped and the game be over by half time.”

“Tricky re: team selection. Not sure whether I’d put in fresh players (e.g. DKE) or ask those who played Sunday to turn out again. Because I’d had a shandy (or two), I’ve not yet found out whether Reilly had a knock (not on the bench?), but if fit I might have wanted a bit of his grit against Mr Fleck. Great to get a result (although not expecting one), but would be nice to keep some momentum going (albeit we all know we’re going down, even if we win 5 of the last 6). Regardless, nothing can dent my warm rosy glow”

“if there is actually another must win this season other than Wembley, it is the game at Sheff Utd.”

“Beat Sheff Utd?!?!
Think there’s a slight, uh, ‘gulf’ between us and them, mate. A 52 point ‘gulf’. Maybe Fleck might take pity on us and hoof one into his own net as an apologetic offering, but that won’t stop them blasting 7 or 8 past a flapping Burge up the other end.”

“No, obviously I know we are going to lose.
The point I was trying to make was that if we are to win another game in the next 10 years, this would be a nice one to conquer.”

“we will get some amount of shit that night after the debacle at the Ricoh”

“Not if none of us turn up we won’t.”

“Saw a few “SISU in” posts after yesterday and quotes that we hadn’t sold our allocation on Weds. Rapidly becoming my most hated side (even more so than Sunderland!). I think those couple of points we threw away at the Ricoh with the stop/start protest at the end of the match got them going on this run so they should be thanking us. Thankfully the 2 we lost even with this momentum is unlikely to have made much difference to our end fate.”

“I would love to beat them. Just to ruin their promotion party.”

“Really hope we beat them. Can’t stand that lot. However it’ll sum up being a Coventry City fan if within a few days of winning a trophy at Wembley they beat us and Oxford beat Fleetwood. It’ll not promote them but also mean we can still get relegated on Saturday even if we win!”

“Hoping that nerves get the better of Sheffield United. Believe if fleetwood lose at Oxford then they can get promotion is they beat us , so expect a hostile atmosphere .
We obviously need to win , I’m just not sure we will and at best can hope for a draw.

“Following on from the sad acts from Sunderland. Check the Sheffield United forum.
Been signed up there a while and tried to explain the problems at the club, but they literally have no clue.
There has been a new thread every week about how they hate us.”

“Screw them!
Always have a chip on their shoulder, which I guess comes from being the smaller of the two clubs in Sheffield.”

“Tbh if I had to pick between Wednesday and Untied, I’d always go with Wednesday, they just seem to be the more family club and better run.
Don’t care about United in the slightest, let them be angry and hopefully we’ll nick 3 points off them”

“They lack the history, tradition and class of Wednesday, unfortunately.”

“Why do we like Wednesday? I’ve always preferred them but strange that most Cov fans are the same.”

 “Its flattering that they feel so pathetically about us.
We have always been aligned with Wednesday and have a good relationship with them, just not the thick side of Sheffield, and I can say that with experience having lived on the Blades side of town for a few years in the 90’s.”

“They still seem very bitter towards us in regards to the protests at the Ricoh that night , even though they still won the match , bizarre set of fans”

“Its odd they have short memories as have been nearly fekked like us a few times over the last twenty years or so.
They have an overwhelming chip on their shoulder re Wednesday, and I have first hand knowledge of living there and seeing it. They are brought up with a fair amount of hatred re this, and obviously we have just caught a bit as well.
Its funny but if we were top of the league, and had won a game where their fans had protested, I wouldn’t give a shit about them as I would be more happy we were going up. The sad tossers need to fuel their hatred for something, next season it will be something or someone else. “  

“Hope we sneak a scrappy, dirty win. An own goal off Fleck’s pale buttocks.
Seriously, those fans of theirs need silencing, they’re a gaggle of total wankers.”

“Wot the fuck Is wrong with Sheffield United supporters all they do is moan n whinge and today they sunk to a new low by wishing a football club goes bust absolute scum”

“Blades fans are mugs. Blows my mind they can even argue against the minority of Coventry fans that ran on the pitch. Also hilarious they’re still the only people here still talking about it. They crave tension from Cov fans. Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re still bitching and crying about us next season. The definition of OBSESSED.”

“We will beat them on Wednesday and they will truly fucking hate us for a good reason, I will get the same buzz when I walked out of Wembley only to see the obnoxious Oxford cunt who was singing your going down with the Swindon and city are the shit team of the league and he stuck his two’s up to us as we went up the Wembley way steps. I just looked at him with the biggest grin and said you’ve just been beaten by the shitiest team in the league! He was fucking livid”

“Bunch of faggot boys who are in the belief that there team is bigger than what it actually is. They will be back in league 1 after one season”

“They will all go quiet when they join the championship and Sheffield Wednesday Leeds Huddersfield take the piss out of them”

“What a bunch of weirdos. Their hatred for us is so strange. They got personally offended by that protest in December despite the fact it would have happened had we been playing any team. I find it hilarious tbh.”

“They don’t hate us as much as they hate West Ham. Good way to wind them up Wednesday”

“Is this a Sunderland scenario where they slag us off for the rest of their life but whenever we play them never say a word ?”

“Grade A* bunch of cunts – Would love them to go through what we have and see what they’d say then. When you’ve tried to buy the League season in season out like Sheff Utd have is it really an achievement when you eventually go up .Fucking bellends the lot of em – Second rate team in their own City. Think I hate em more then Leicester or the Villa ”

“Fuck ’em. We shouldn’t matter to them – we’re going down they’re going up. If they wanna focus on hating us then let them not ruin our buzz.”

“Fuck sake. I bet 90% of Sheffield United fans deep down want us to get out of our troubles but are saying they don’t for likes and bites…”

“They don’t wish that on Coventry, some of their fans will be saying that but not all of them and the ones saying it will be saying it to get a reaction out of you and look how you’ve reacted.”

“Let’s not judge all sheff Utd fans by a small minority”

“Whatever happens we’re cup winners and I can’t believe it.
As the song said
We’re going down
Who gives a fuck
We’re Coventry City and we won the cup”

By Roy

5 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Coventry”
  1. I’m a Blade and do have sympathy for your fans but, what has riled a lot of Blades fans up is when we won 2-1 at Ricoh was that City fans were saying they were glad Billy Sharps son died * hoped team bus crashed and all players killed. Now I’m sorry but that is a new level of sickness, plus saying you’re coming to smash Sheffield up you’ll not bring enough to smash a phone box. Good luck for next season don’t want to to go bust, always had a soft spot for Coventry.

  2. I dont know any of our fans that want cov to go under! we know more than most clubs what your feeling right now so to say that is just false! what really pissed us off was some of your fans saying what they did about billys son! and team bus crashing! although seams your lot have forgotten bout that! oh and for the record… a win against your and oxford win.. and we are promoted! #sisuout!

  3. Ave you ever heard anything like it what a load of plonkers feeling sorry for themselves. Took a load of people from other towns and cities to make a crowd at Wembley win a tinpot trophy and get relegated all in one season must be some kind of record. Bet you don’t manage 500 Wednesday evening ( that’s night time for you thicko”s ). Bye Bye wont be seeing you for a very long time UTB P S thanks for our player of the year ( you know the one )

    1. Disappointing comments from some Con fans. I’m a Blade and lived in Cov for 11 years and went to watch Cov many times, always look out for your results even now. Never realised you think you are aligned with the Pigs, hope you see sense one day! 🙂

  4. T’internet is made for sick trolls, don’t give ’em the time. Banters OK, but not sick jibes by either side. We want to beat you, we don’t particularly want you to go out of existence.
    BTW yes we hate the owls. They hate us.

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