“The third episode of our ‘mission impossible’ week continues with a very difficult visit to Bramall Lane. They are flying and we are floundering and it will take all that we have got and more to get anything from this one. “

“Bad feeling about this game”

“Tuesday will be interesting and possibly season defining. A result will be uplifting but another defeat and we will feel very sorry for ourselves and possibly done for.”

“Just like us to go and win at the league leaders “

“At the end of the day the results have been good but the performances terrible at times.
It’s a results business so we are doing just fine, but as mentioned on other threads, the results have been masking some awful performances and now we are starting to look a bit exposed.”

“This unhappiness has been simmering for weeks the lack of defeats has been covering up shit performances which wouldn’t look out of place in the bottom 4.im sorry but although he’s a club legend but the finger pointing should be aimed at the manager”

“I have seen some of the worst football this season that I have ever seen a wall side play since I started watching us in 83′.
It’s awful. It’s negative and it’s desperately hard to watch”

“I’m of the opinion that we have a squad that is at least capable of play offs and should be looking for automatic, I know this might not be everyone’s view. We have a strike force that is blunt by lack of meaningful service, floating long balls in the vicinity of doesn’t work even in div one. Our central defenders are equal to most others, the midfield (I mean squad) apart from the odd would make most teams in this division. If I’m correct in this thinking then our failings must come back to management and training, how can we continue to deliver inept set pieces, surely something a bit more inventive than a weak floated ball is possible?”

“Ok the football has not been the best but apart from a few games i love the fight the togetherness & want to play for the shirt Neil has brought into the team & it’s easy for us to come on here & say we would do this or play this one but it’s not that easy every other team are all trying to win games for me the team look worn out Morrison not fully fit don’t help matters i hope Neil can make the changes & get us in the playoffs as i want him & us to succeed & him to take us forward”

“FFS. Sixteen game unbeaten run, FA Cup quarter finals, still in with a half decent chance of the play offs for the second time in two seasons. We began to slip with MK Dons and have continued ever since. It’s a bad patch, it happens. And all the people slagging off NH – you want that turnip-headed clown back? Or would you prefer someone like Russell Slade?
First game lost since December. “Fold the club!””

“don’t think we’re dead yet and the next few games will tell.”

By Roy

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