Blades 2-0 Millwall

“Outclassed,not in it at all.Dire again. 2 joke shots straight at keeper with no power.” “90 mins and created 2 good chances,poor.Even IF we had scored em we would of drawn.Deano saying how well we did at the end,,yeah when utd foot off the gas and game wrapped up.Overall not good enough”

“Tough night. Once we conceded that was the game. Fans far too negative tonight”

“we played some good football last night playing out from the back”

“Blades going to win the league fairly comfortably with pretty much the same side that finished mid table last season. Funny what a good management/coaching team can do for a team.”

“It is the manager – not the players.
Warnock would have lot this flying.
And that isnt a suggestion for manager – it is just making the point.”

“Gregory does what hes best at,,,, missing an easy chance”

“Our players get as much service as a pay as you go phone in the Alps”

“Article 50 to be activated imminently. Millwall’s promotion campaign in tatters. This is the worst day of my life”

“Can’t wait for next season for Neil’s honest bunch of lads to play mindless hoofball and the useless or constantly crocked additions to the squad. Just think the recruitment department might have a few million to spend when Fred and Gregory inevitably get sold – CANT WAIT!”

By Roy

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