Blades 1-0 Brentford

“Out-clogged today by an agricultural set-piece team. Even first half in which SUFC looked threatening from corners but struggled to string three passes together, whilst we swanned all over the pitch knowing we were the better side but not really showing it – a lingering habit from our games against lower half opposition last season. Conceded from one such set piece and looked vulnerable to the hoof.
Second half we were camped in their half but SUFC are a well organised team and defended manfully. We hit the underside of the bar and then missed the 2 yard follow up, they hit the post from free kick and the scored follow up was offside.
Ultimately we had two and and half times the amount of shots on target and 60% of the possession, but couldn’t find the back of the net. Nine times out of ten we win that game, but this was the one we lost.
Good luck for the rest of the season SUFC fans – until we meet again – but playing a little actual football wouldn’t hurt, would it.”

“that was kind of poor – too many hopeful forward balls for my liking. Not helped by a referee who enabled all their niggly pushing and shoving. Guess we need to bed all these new players in. SU not the footballing side they pretend to be, and I believe will struggle.”

“we got a little bullied out of the game between 20 and 60 mins, ref should have stepped in but didn’t.”

“Feck me that ref was awful! Sheff U allowed to tackle and niggle like a div 2 team. Their keeper taking the piss from goal kicks.
Game one – big occasion for the Blades – always going to be a tough one. Frustrating but when we play we really play some nice stuff. Another day our chances go in. We played a little deep at times. Their baldy head Macca lookalike did well for large spells.”

“Sheffield United were well organised and physical…and got relatively lucky with their goal.”

“Probably the toughest game we could have had on opening day. Shame we couldn’t get a point, but Sheffield United worked hard and put 9 men behind the ball for the last 10 minutes and we couldn’t break them down.”

“That wasn’t great but it wasn’t all bad either. I thought we started okay but they had tremendous commitment and endeavour and bossed much of the first-half. Vibe, although he had a couple of decent efforts, hardly got a look in and Jozefzoon was very disappointing. O’Connell looked a bit of a donkey at the centre of their defence but he won pretty much every challenge. We could have been dead and buried early in the second half, especially when Egan sliced that clearance halfway across the pitch and almost gifted them a chance, but once the substitutions had been made (Watkins and Yennaris), there was only really one team in it. Sheffield just huffed and puffed and looked what we should have made them look earlier on. The missed chances were scandalous but another day they go in and you come away with a win.. I reckon Sheffield will be okay, but no more than that. The less than cultured teams rarely prosper at a higher level of football and I think they’ll find their level once the promotion euphoria has finally worn off.”

“A frantic and frenetic 90 minutes with both sides pressing hard. Not too much quality on show. SU were stronger and steadier in defence and took their chance when it came. We lacked a cutting edge up front but still could have taken a point but for a remarkable open goal miss. My impression was of two mid-table teams with not much to choose between them. I can’t see either team getting promoted – but equally both looked capable of comfortable survival.”

“Let them enjoy theitr big day and lets see where we both are when we meet again later in the season” “I was a little disappointed in a 26,000 Bramall Lane atmosphere, more lively with 16,000 in it”

 “Lacklustre and lethargic support again on opening day”

“how pointless was their new screen that they banged on about before kick-off? Didn’t show any kind of time or score at any point in the game, just irrelevant adverts for 90 minutes!”

By Roy

15 thoughts on “View From Brentford”
  1. Brentford are a good team who break quick mainly through the excellent Woods. Don’t really agree we are a direct team or over physical. The ‘goal’ we scored after the ball came back of the post was not offside as you will see on the replay. Look forward to seeing what atmosphere 16,000 fans at your ground create. To say there was no atmosphere today smacks of jealousy

  2. What is this shite? For the second day running you have lifted the worst comments from a site I’m a moderator of to show us in the worst possible way. What is the fucking point of that? You on some kind of mega troll?

    Anyway, eell done on the Blades win today and enjoy your season. We hope to have a good one and look forward to the return. I think our side is bedding in a few new players at th moment and I expect us to get stronger. e

  3. Brentford fans not so confident now, we will handle the step up easily, Chris Wilder top manager, he has brought in 7 quality signings to add to the excellent squad we had when we won league 1

  4. Sounds more like a sheffield weds fan reporting on this game than a brentford fan take it on the chin and shut up its only the first game we havnt been beat since jan . Try commenting 12 games in when were settled and playing fast free flowing football and sharps still top scorer in league bye for now Rob lewis

  5. I think the Brentford fans that commented on this game was told about how they played because they wasn’t at the game, they said our goal was offside what a joke, they also didn’t mention the penalty which was turned down, or the 2 goals that got disallowed if the goal ? that got disallowed was offside their attempt with the 2 headers was also offside, the difference between the 2 teams today was united played with pride passion and belief and a top 6 place is there for the taking so UTB

  6. are you a blinkered retard?

    you clearly wasn’t there today… if you actually know anything then you’ll realise you’re defence is slow and has no ability, panicked… you had the occasional pasage of play which i would expect seeing as you’re ‘that good’ but when you see your bench shitting it and double subbing means that you’re tactics were wrong and you were lucky to get away with a 1-0 defeat! hope you get relegated, shit club, shit ground, shit fans FACT!

  7. Sorry bees but today you had no stings, 3-0 for half time they said they were going to be, hmmm ???, apart for last 15mins when we sat back which I hope we don’t do that regular I thought we controlled it pretty well, and if Jack o connells a donkey, well it don’t say much for their own defenders, had it down for a draw today but I’d have been very disapointed if you’d have nicked one today, thought our new rookie goalie did well apart from some of his kicking but it was his debut ,had to save some thunderbolts today bet most of there shots on target today were at least 2 mile an hour well at least some were on target, pretty happy with our lot a few were bedding in and ill give us a strong 8

  8. Thought it was a great game, both sides worked hard but ultimately we took the whole 3 points because although the Bees young side had some excellent talent in 23 Jota and the rest of side they never really controlled the game. For the comment we never played football, the first half hour Brentford couldn’t get the ball of the Blades as we played it around. The last 10mins were nervy but our donkey and rookie keeper closed you out allowing us the spoils. Both teams will be mid table IMO, but Brentford predictions of 0-3 were proved Wildly wrong. Time you boys did your homework instead of thinking you would steamroller the new boys. With the pigs ? losing it just made the day all that sweeter UTB.

  9. Grow up Brentford fans you lost end of! Yes you played some good stuff, but its goals that count and you couldn’t score from 2ft.

  10. Hope you get back to the premiership where you belong.oh sorry ,you’ve not been there have you. Some comments arrogant. Most fair minded. Some sour grapes.Sounds like a standard football clubs forum.Had 2.5 times shots on target 2 to your How close were your shots off target to ours. Ours were very close indeed. Yours were in the upper tier. Your defender nearly cut our player in two beginning of second half….no card. No football.? Obviously not been to match. Scoreboard was behind you . That is new too.You were camped in our half second half.? Really ? Possession changed to your favour mid second half when we brought in a defensive midfielder for an attacking midfielder.. Overall, enjoyed the match from both sides.

  11. Brentford need to take more fans away or they’ll continue to look like an out of place tinpot outfit with a bit of cash.

  12. Don’t be so ungracious! The fact that you’re a poxy lower league outfit that has had a couple of good seasons seems to have gone unnoticed. The fact that you had 60% possession means nothing unless you score goals and you missed from 2 yards. Twice! Sheffield United will improve as the weeks go on and they acclimatise but the important thing was starting with a win and not conceding. My feeling is Brentford probably bottled it and found it a bit intimidating in front of a big crowd but I suppose they’re not used to playing in front of that many people.

  13. You can see they’re clearly clutching at straws when they criticise the scoreboard. Why does it need to show the score – if you’re at the game surely you know the score, which in their case was “losing”.

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