“Sheffield U will not handle the step up in class from L1 and the boys know how important it is to get early points like Huddersfield did last season – here’s hoping anyway!”

“Sheffield United, off the back of a great season and a 100% pre season, will expect the step up to be seemless.
But with a few years of Champ experience behind us, a fairly adaptable squad and a strong bench, we will go there knowing exactly what we need to do.
It won’t be straightforward but I think we’ll nick it with a couple of late goals.”

“Cut out silly errors at the back – tight Brentford, tight Brentford – and we’ll be too good going forward not to score against a newly promoted side.”

“I feel that Brentford have too much quality in their squad for the Blades to match them, and Wilder needs to evolve his side from League One winners to Championship competitors if he is to challenge the Bees on the opening day of the season.”

“Sheff utd won’t know what hit them – bees will be 3 up by halftime”

“According to their fan site, they are trying to play football, not any more about stopping others. If that’s the case, I am much more confident about beating them.”

“got to beat kloggers like this if we are going for promotion or at least a shot at it. They will be under pressure to perform from their knuckle dragging fans and wont handle the pressure especially why our forward line start running at them…”

“Team full of has- beens. 3 points for us.”

“I think they’ll get hammered. I doubt too many Clubs will be able to cope with our passing, pressing and movement this season.
As ever our own downfalls will be caused by silly, preventable and sloppy mistakes at the back and not by anything the opposition will do. With that caveat in place and assuming we play to our potential, Sheffield are in for a nasty welcome to the Championship.”

“Sheff Utd have clearly been on an excellent run, but I do think the top half of the Championship is a way away from the top half of League One”.

“I think they’ll be very nervous, big crowd and a big expectation, if we continue in the same vein as the end of last season then we’ll win have too much quality for them I would have thought. Been to Brammal Lane probably 5 or 6 times though, not a traditionally strong hunting ground for us…”

“Also think Sheffield U will be in for a shock.
They’ll think they are playing the old Brentford”

“we might also be in for a shock if we just turn up expecting to win.”

“Don’t think Sheffield United, or any other of our rivals are that stupid. Most people now know what Brentford is all about. Also no such thing as an easy game at any level of football.” “I think they’ll probably be top 10 this season and they’re at home so I’d make them slight favourites. On the other hand nothing in League One will have prepared them for Jota, Canos if fit, Jozefzoon and Vibe running at them, not to mention Rico and Dalsgaard from full back.”

“I think we could lose our first game, still in pre-season mode against a good counterattacking shef utd” “

I’m confident we have the better first 11 and the better squad. However I’m less confident that will get us the 3 points given the momentum from last season for SUFC and of course the home advantage. We’ll also be missing our captain in the heart of defence, Harlee Dean, with a one match ban and that’s obviously a tad concerning. All in all it’ll probably mean, in my opinion at least, a close contest and thus an entertaining game.”

“Sheffield will be a tough start. First game in the championship for them in a while and they’re at home. Wilder is no mug.”

“Sheff Utd look bloody scary on the break.”

“I think Sheffield will be a surprise package this season, having seen them last season, they play an attacking high pressing type of game and are good to watch.”

“Not the opening fixture that I would have chosen. From their record last season either League 1 was very weak, or they were exceptional. So I willwilling settle for a point.” “it is almost inevitable that we lose there. how many times have we all seen this over the years”

“Sheff Utd have earnt the right to be in our division yet there will be elements of our support who just expect us to go there and win easily. It’s not as easy as that”

“We’re all far too confident Imo. It’s very worrying”

“Why shouldn’t we be with our squad ?”

“Have said before we are a great team when other teams want to try to take us on at football but when the opposition decide they want to get in our faces we don’t deal with the physical stuff very well.”

By Roy

9 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Brentford”
  1. You may be unpleasantly surprised my friend.Blades have proven themselves against far better teams than you boys in last few seasons.

  2. I think Brentford might be in for a shock, must admit we won’t have our no1 goalie but if coutes and fleck are on form then ill fancy us, our defence is pretty strong, the only thing that worries me is sometimes we over play, try and walk it in but I’m sure Chrissy will have them all up for it, sorry but can’t comment on Brentford because don’t think I could name you a player but I suppose Brentford fans probably don’t know much about us, when we’ve played them before they’ve been an attacking team so there probably a bit like that, just hope we don’t start the season like last year, but I’m hopeful we’ll hold our own

  3. Interesting read for this Blade. I do think some of my fellow Blades are overly optimistic. A big crowd won’t bother the team at all. A compact and organised midfield would. We have ball players in midfield and runners, not ball winners.
    We will do well to finish 15th or above the first season back. I look forward to our first home game but our unbeaten record is looking dodgy !

  4. The difference between L1 & Championship, we were a big club in L1. Everyone raised their game against us and fought for everything, thats why we lost points trying to walk it in at times. This year, a few teams will expect to walk all over us, that will become an advantage for us, and we will surprise a few teams this year.

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