“Dem blades Have our best player on loan
We won’t play our other best player in case he gets injured before he signs for them
Relegation isn’t an option
We are so tinpot”

“Tinpot would be a step up from where we are now”

“Rugby score because this lot have no pride or passion easy money wages Chesterfield”

“Can’t see this ending in anything but defeat.If we loose 2-0 then that’s a bonus. More likely to be 4 or 5 nil.”

“If we keep it to four i will be amazed”

“utterly depressing i’d rather us forfeit the game cannot be bothered with it totally pointless just send the youth team out fkem”

“We’ll be singing loud and clear “Spireite til I die, bring on the deedahs””

“I admire your spirit but I cannot think of anything more depressing than being at Ramall Lane on Sunday”

“why would any self respecting town fan go to this match..beggers belief”

“I’ll be playing cricket, no way on Gods Earth I’d even contemplate going to this game
Which is pretty sad to be fair as a game at Deedar Urinals followed by beers in Sheffield should really appeal to me”

“Blades celebrating a promotion….no f..kin thanks….oh and if you do go wear a black suit and tie as it will be the end of season Blunts Death Roll Call for 20 mins delaying ko…in fact that would be only highlight….knowing the’re are less of them than a year ago”

“Next time I will go and watch that shower of **** is when they get relegated back down to whatever level we are playing at”

“Enjoy Ched being introduced to the Sheffield United fans at half time”

“What a great day out. Clapping Shef U on to the pitch with a guard of honour, 26,000 singing the chip butty song, Ched on the pitch to a standing ovation. Glad I’ve decided to do some painting.”

“The timing of the Ched Evans transfer sucks, a lid should have been kept on this until after Sunday’s game, it’s not like the dirty horrible blunts haven’t got enough to gloat about already without Evans being paraded around Rammal Lane as their new signing! Now that would be the ultimate slap in the chops….”

“It sums up the depths we’ve gone to if we are using the sale of Jay O’Shea to ensure a pre season friendly against Sheffield United!! Jesus wept. We made an embarrassment of them a couple of seasons ago in the league and now this.”

“we are getting very cosy with the Blunts
First a very obliging loan deal of O’Shea, then what smacks of a very convenient transfer of Evans and then lovely gesture of handing backs seats in the away end.
I imagine someone, somewhere has benifited finacially from all this cooperation.
Next they’ll be loaning us players”

By Roy

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