“Next Saturday sees us entertain Sheffield United in what is our last home league game of the season. The Blades are already promoted and they have completely sold out their allocation of around 7300 tickets with several thousand more keen to come down to party and celebrate. I’m not sure about the exact rules on away team ticket allocations but surely this is an opportunity for us to open up another part of the ground and welcome these supporters to Stadium MK and in doing so gain more revenue. Of course this will mean more stewarding and maybe extra police, but so what, the cost will be more than offset by the revenue gained. Surely the powers to be can grant us permission to do this on the grounds that it will at least mean home and away fans will be segregated and by doing so avoid away supporters buying tickets in the home end, which apparently has already happened. Sheffield United is a massive club with a big fan base, these supporters are coming to celebrate, I very much doubt there will be any serious disorder.
Not a completely straight forward situation, but common sense should prevail IMO. Any thoughts?”

“So, the journeys end is in sight, our last home game versus the Champions the Blades, and if any of them are dropping in to read this week’s preview, I will just say, you fully deserve it, you are the best of a bloody poor bunch of teams this season, you have remained consistent, and as they say, the league table never lies. You’ve waited a long time for this moment, so enjoy it, I just hope we don’t see you back in this division the following season, as we hope to join you in the Championship and renew our rivalry.
A bumper crowd is expected, with a strong possibility that the Dons faithful will be outnumbered by anything up to 8,000 travelling Blades fans, hopefully now they are promoted, and as champions, our traditional end of season lap of honour, if you can call it that, wont be disrupted.”

“the Sheffield players no doubt been on a lash”

“There will be Sheffield United fans in home area’s next week, it’s guaranteed I’m afraid, yes we should have applied for more away fans to come in, probably only be another 1000 or so, there would still be away fans in home area’s, they wanted 15,000 tickets originally, could still be, but spread around!”

“I live and work in Sheffield and talking to United fans they will definitely be buying tickets in the home areas and then attempting to congregate near the away end. It will be a nightmare for our stewards and I can see them just opening up additional areas for them”

“In fairness the difference for this game and the Leeds game is this game I’d welcome United fans in our end. They just want to see their team for the final time away from home and possibly be crowned champions. I genuinely can’t see them looking for much trouble. Think they just want to enjoy the day and I hope they do. Just wish we could possibly give them more.”

“Other (proper) clubs wouldn’t want to accommodate 7K of opposing fans.”

“Sheff Utd have runaway with it and in truth aren’t all that – they’ve just gambled on players to get them out of the division”

“Weren’t Sheff Utd linked at some point with Reeves? Now they’re promoted, could see them going for him in the Championship, he was one of our better players there last season.

“possibly the final home game this Saturday for the likes of Lewie, Potter, Martin, Powell, Reeves and Bowds ?
If so, seems quite an abrupt, odd way even, to end their time at MKD…..esp if we do not know whether it will be their last home game lol !
They all deserve a good send-off, but will they, if we are unsure whether they are leaving or not”

“Looks like it. I agree, there are a lot of long serving players who deserve a bit more of a send off. Instead they’re going to get a bunch of rowdy Sheffield fans. Defo think Sheff deserve their own party, but when we have players like Potter, Bowditch etc potentially off, they deserve something too.”

“Was wondering how Carruthurs had done since leaving us in January, and seems he has been a bit-part squad player, only playing in 11 games for Sheff United.
He probably is glad he left though, Championship for him next season….
If he plays against us next week, what kind of reception do you think he will get ? Appreciative ? Jeering ? Or just plain indifference ?”

“Big reception from me. Any one who was part of that squad who got promoted gets a good reception.”

“Probably won’t even notice he’s there until he gets booked. Not fussed either. Journeyman player. “

By Roy

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