“1st half.
Complete domination. Basically men v boys. As the half went on it was obvious last season there was 2 divisions between the teams.
2nd half.
I ain’t sure what the half time talk was, maybe be just sit back, these are woeful and save yourselves for Tuesday. Whatever it was we did that and basically stopped attacking. Haven’t seen the non goal but 7 minutes into the shef u celebrations it was quite funny.”

“Like a different team 2nd half.  We are very lucky”

“Not impressed today”

“Second half was awful”

“Apart from the first 15mins that was a complete abysmal performance.
Much needed 3pts for us to push on and help confidence, which should help the team gel quicker.”

“Thought we looked vulnerable until we scored and then we bossed the rest of the first half. Should have gone in more in front. Second half was fairly poor throughout though thought we looked a shade better when baker came on. Refreshing to have a midfielder that picks up the ball and looks forward. He’ll take time to bed in but the potential for a lot of assists is there.”

“sheff utd were a good test for us esp playing so early on. they are a good team and well organised so with our blending issues it was a good test to see them remain nice and steady when we were up and down. when we were up we were far better than them. we we were struggling they got the better of us. but due to crap officials we got the points.”

Be fuming if that goal was ruled out for us”

“I thought you were supposed to give benefit of doubt to the attacker”

“We got off the hook there.”

“Not even close to being offside” “*** hell these officials dont have a clue what planet there on, thankfully for us.
What a shambles they have been the whole game. “

“Never offside in a million years but we deserved the win anyway, we dominated them first half”

“Sheff Utd were poor really which was fortunate for us”

“Think we did more than enough to deserve the win, but we still got lucky in the end. And Sheff Utd won’t be toughest team we face this season, by a long shot.” “It’s actually a great decision. The guys right hand side is offside” “

1) Evans was found innocent and should not be booed.
2) Evans was found innocent but his actions were still deplorable and worthy of condemnation.”

“Personally I would of rather he not of been boo’d, he’s been proven innocent and for us to boo him can only reflect badly on our support”

“Blatant dive to win the free kick that they scored the disallowed goal off. Good enough for you you south yorkshire cunts”

“Sheffield fans causing trouble missiles and punches thrown to the Boro fans”
“Sheff Utd have always had a sizeable group of scruffy wannabee hoolies, not really surprised”

“Embarrassing at the end for all concerned really – stewards couldn’t initially hold fans back but young Boro lads stood waiting to be told to move / pushed back – definitely hoping they would never actually come face to face with Sheff Utd fans. Same on their side. Horrible spectacle that shames the club – hopefully all will be identified and banned for lengthy periods.”

“Sheff U fans were very angry kicking the fence & throwing coins & bottles some hitting cars. Several got through the barrier & I seen punches thrown. I was surrounded by their fans & couldn’t get to my bus, my mate said it had left & was driving up the road. I ran to get the bus, several of their fans were behind me in the compound about 15 metres away giving it come on to me!! I ran & coughs my bus at the crossing outside! They thought I was running scared; but to be honest I was hanging around, far too many!”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Middlesbrough”
  1. What I want to know is how could the linesman see when the ball was kicked ? He’s made the decision when he first saw the ball in the air or later and the positioning of the players had changed. It wasn’t a quick flagging was it. ?

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