Blades 3-1 Derby


“On paper it was David and Goliath with the same outcome. Little team with heart, desire and hard work out muscled a team that looked lethargic.”

“It really is nothing like David v Goliath and as long as fans keep on having silly thoughts like that I’m afraid the levels of disappointment will stay very high.”

“A team with over paid and over rated players v a team that works hard and is probably under rated.”

“Same old same old,another season same problem cant do the basics against organised teams”

“ players on half the derby wages wanting the ball and win more”

“Sheff Utd: Workman like. Team performance. Determination. Desire.”

We play a half decent side and get beat. Simple. No cutting edge in front of goal. We have for a couple of seasons now.” 

“ Sheff U however much we don’t like to say it have their tails up at the minute, it was possibly the worst time we could have played them. Although they aren’t our most exciting players, I think games like today there is a role for the likes of Anya and Bryson to come in. Might not have worked and you’d get pelters if it didn’t work (hindsight is a wonderful thing), but just felt we underestimated the game.”

“We surrendered the whole pitch to defend our box. And we didn’t defend it well. Never got go grips with Sheff United’s system. They too were wasteful with more regular promising positions. At one point a simple pull back of 10 yards would have lead to a tap in. He chose to cross to the back post. Why? No idea. But they got in behind us constantly. Fair enough when we’re chasing the game but it happened when we set up camp on our goal and refused any challenge unless it had Last Ditch!! written all over it.  Not a terrible performance but one of the least composed efforts you’ll see. Panic at every opportunity. Often panic for no reason. “

“Handed 3 goals on a plate. Vydra should’ve scored and should’ve had a penalty, they didn’t have a clear cut chance until 80+ minuets when we committed multiple bodies forward thrying to get back into the game. Yes there did seem to be a distinct lack in work rate from some players but today was no where near some of the dross we watched last season, especially under pearson. Average start, still 41 games to go, I cant imagine what the Sheff Wed/Norwich/Villa/Birmingham forums look like if this it what ours is like. Next 5 games will begin to determine where we will finish, especially with some more difficult opposition on the way, lets just see what happens”

“Terrible mistakes, but we didn’t have a chance bar the goal. Fannying around in midfield and allowing them to get back into shape. I’d love to know how much time the ball was actually in play in the second half, some expert time wasting!” 

“On another day we would have nicked that game 1-0. Its just wasnt our day. Still loads to do but there is still time to improve.”

“we rarely looked like scoring. That group of forwards on display for us could probably fetch easily £20m + in today’s market, yet we always seem to struggle to take our chances. They really need to get their act together.”

“Above average squad, below average manager is how I’d sum us up right now.”

“Im beginning to lose faith in Rowett”

“On this form we should end up mid table, Just about where we expect to be at the end of the season. Disappointed but shows we are just an average mid table Championship team. Accept that we are nowt special and we won’t be to disappointed when we get beat!”

“Still a long way from promotion. Got to be winning games like today. Can’t be losing to the shitty little teams”

“Paul Coutts ran the show, rejected him about 4 seasons ago. Going backwards.”

“Schooled by Coutts and Freeman, nice one Derby”

“Coutts named MOM ran the midfield against ours that cost us around 8 million… that’s gonna take me some time to get over”

“When you lose to a team that has Coutts, Freeman, Carruthers and Duffy, it’s probably going to be a bad season”

“Beaten by a side with Paul Coutts and Kieron Freeman in pretty well speaks volumes…very honest grafters but never world beaters at Championship level.  Just not good enough Derby County.”



By Roy

4 thoughts on “View From Derby”
  1. Great win for us today, thought first half we were all over them, said at half time hope we don’t sit back and I think to be honest we did, but when we get a bit more used to this division we’ll be a handful for anyone, Paul Couttes is going to be one of the outstanding midfielders in this division, we need a bit more pace in the team especially up front but up to now well pleased

  2. Some good, honest views from the Derby end although the ‘shitty little team’ comment irks me somewhat. When did Derby become such a big club? Not good enough with the ball and lazy without it. Too many supposedly superior players thinking they could stroll about and walk it. You’ll lose a lot more games to sides inferior to us if that’s the attitude (and we’re not that good).

  3. little team were bigger than you always have been always will dick heads got beat bye a proper football club you set of jokers hahaha ha come on forest

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