Sunderland 1-2 Blades


“They are a good side”

“Sheffield United fans were class there like, must be mint supporting a club who’s players actually give a fuck.”

“Bit curious why the Sheff Utd supporters were singing “Tinchy Stryder, he’s one of our own”?”

“Sheff United signed a centre forward on deadline day, today he tears us a new one. Criminal not to get a striker”

“Seems this league is full of average hardworking teams, most of whom are better than us” “Not sure why anyone is surprised at how shite we are”

“I said against Leeds fans shouldn’t boo but today everything the players got was deserved looks like they couldn’t give a shit”

“We really are a right mess aren’t we?”

“That’s as bad as it gets from a managerial side of things. Worst formation decision and tactical understanding I have seen in many years. May have been Donald Trump in the dugout.” “our central midfield today cost £23m”

“is it true Sheff United players gestered to our fans after the second goal ?”

“I think someone threw something at the injured player, and the Sheffield United players took exception.”

“No, an absolute idiot Sunderland fan thought it was a good idea to throw a bottle at their player when he was down injured and, understandably, their players were highly annoyed. Why would anyone think it was OK to thrown a bottle at players on the pitch? Shameful.”

“Also coins thrown from the south stand at the same time. Our own fans got hit by them (see comments on other threads).
Absolute fucking arseholes.”


By Roy

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