“Give me Leeds, Sheff Wed, Sheff Utd, Preston, Forest, Bolton over fucking Bournemouth or Swansea.

“It’s embarrassing we haven’t won at home since Dec 16. Need to get that one out of our system sharpish. “

“We haven’t won a home game since December 2016 and I’m confident this weekend is the weekend we will do it.”

“I know one thing for certain, we have to win at least one of our next two games seeing as both are at home v Sheff U and Forest.
Lose both and the pressure will be on Grayson, even at this early stage. Fans won’t stand for us losing games at home no matter who it’s against.”
“can’t see us winning this or Forest myself, both had decent starts to the season.”

“Probs beat one of them
A lot of teams in this league are inconsistent.”

“teams at this level, ourselves included, are capable of beating or losing to anyone else in the division”

“We have the squad to beat both teams. Unfortunately Grayson is clueless tactically and he’ll probably select the same side that started against Barnsley.”

“We’ll absolutely batter Sheff Utd after the rest and the new signings in.
Lose to Forest though.”

“We will beat Sheff Utd. We’ll probably beat Forest the following Tuesday as well actually. The Deadline Day reinforcements will make the team formidable at this level. “

“Was gonna say Donaldson would’ve been an ok option for us given our shortage up top, but checked and he’s 33!”

“Was a handful in the couple of Birmingham games I saw last season. Born in 1984! Should be a decent option for Sheff United, as long as he doesn’t perform next weekend”

“Making his debut against us….I think I know how this one works!”

“I was watching that video (about deadline day) thinking Donaldson could have done a job for us and was shocked when they said free transfer cos he seemed to do OK at this level last season in a struggling Birmingham side.
Still be a better option than Vaughan!”

“seems a decent bloke that wilder”

“Wilder seems like a salt of the earth no bullshit manager.”

“Wilder is doing a cracking job”

“Mr Wilder has made a good impression on me as well. I will follow his career with a bit more interest now just in case we are in the market for a new gaffer at some stage.”

“I know a lot on here wanted him as manager but a I didn’t know much about him. Seems a good bloke and wouldn’t mind if he came at any point. To be honest I get the same vibe from Grayson.”


By Roy

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