Bolton 0-1 Blades


“Was expecting a little more from Shef U to be honest. They closed the game out pretty well after taking the lead but the poorest team I’ve seen at the Macron so far this season (apart from us of course).
Oh and they like a dive and a bit of gamesmanship. Can’t complain as we were similar during the Big Sam years but it’s frustrating as fuck when you’re on the receiving end. “

“They were shit.
The fact that we couldn’t score/beat them says all you need to know about us.”

“thought they was poor”

“Nowt wrong with the effort
They werent much better than us”

“Deserved something from that. Not got that wound up at a Ref for a long time”

“Ref was a cock
Please don’t anyone talk about budget after that, they were not that good”

“Million times better than anything we’ve served up over last few weeks. Hopeful for the rest of the season after that”

“We deserved at least a point from that one”

“Did we? No real goalscoring chance. They should have had 3”

“Never looked like scoring, and rarely threatened all game.”

“Luck is not on our side at the moment……basic defending I costing us mind”

“7 games in and we haven’t been leading at any point, I hate football. Unlucky tonight, but always the way without any confidence”

“we didnt look good enough to break down a resolute defence like Sheff Utd.”

“Could of played all night and not scored. Can’t score , can’t defend , big problems.”

“Strangely exciting only losing 1-0.”

“At least they took the foot of the gas, only lost 1:0 to their reserves”

“Sheff Utd did everything possible to slow down the game, waste time and commit fouls. Every credit to them.
Genuinely can’t see us winning a football match in this division. When is Milwall at home?”

“if we can’t beat Millwall and Sheffield united we are in a big big trouble”

“Who cares if we lost the match, Beevers nutmegged someone”

“I hope Bolton get aids. We are a stain on the footballing world, hope we go out of business. They were a good side. Well drilled and dangerous on break. They won’t rip up many tress but will be 40 points above us”

“Any Bolton singing about getting beat every week needs publicly stoning.”

“I fucking hate Sheffield United”

“The worst team in the championship against the worst fans in the championship”

“Why get into it with small time clubs like Sheff U and Bradford? We spent 12 years on the spin in the prem with European football”


By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From Bolton”
  1. A lot of sour grapes once again. Love the club moments making out we are a small fry club. This from fans who can scrape 14k for a Championship game.

  2. I read your comments and sympathise with you and Bolton, but please don’t criticise SUFC for being the worst team in the championship. You have played 7 games (have you been to all 7) only so can only say SUFC are the worst team.
    Something good happened to SUFC when Wilder & Knill arrived, which we all at SUFC are greatful, please don’t be disrespectful to our Chairman and Co owners, Bolton board obviously have made poor decisions over the last few years making your team hanging on the edge of survival. This is not our problem and you sound quite a jealous fan of some people making correct decisions that might lead SUFC to onwards and upwards

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