“Dull match but it was a massive win and the players gave it their all. Midfield ran their bollocks off and kept the ball well being the main reason I think.Sheffield United didn’t seem to be there at all today. Perhaps an effect of their style of football causing tiredness?The protests weren’t as powerful as they should have been considering the circumstances, but a win and some anti-Allam sentiment on television feels good anyway.”

“thought a lot of the Sheff Utd players looked well fat and unfit. Their defence looked like a pub team defence.”

“Which, looking at the league table, doesn’t say much about us.”

“I’ve always doubted our fitness. The blades players looked even worse for fitness.”

“If anyone says we haven’t under achieved they’re silly ****s. They’re a bag of **** .absolute ****ing dogger. And they’ve been in the play off places most of the season. GTF A little fat **** **** up front with a big fat **** **** alongside of him and they’re their two best players.
The rest are none entities.We completely dominated them. The only annoying thing was we stopped going after 65 minutes and decided to hold on.**** piggy ****s.”

“Sheff Utd were rank. Absolutely ****ing ****e.”

“They epitomised how thoroughly ****e this division is.”

“Think Sheff U are paying the price of 200mph football all season”

“Before the Match , people were saying some things are bigger then 3 points , who cares about points , all said when we thought we wouldn’t win the match , now we did win the match it’s all , oh well it got the point across and didn’t interrupt our win etc , just like after we beat Forest and the instant anger from the meeting subdued , football fans are fickle but we really take it a new level , I was pleased with the win but I left the ground feeling a bit deflated . And before anybody asks, I didn’t start a protest myself , but I also wasn’t posting statements about wait and see what I have planned tomorrow night .”

“Started questioning my hatred of Sheffield Utd!Thank you very much for Keithy Edwards, Thank you very much, thank you very very very much… Thank you very much for Billy Whitehurst… etc… Thank you very much for Stephen Quinn… etc… Thank you very much for Wembley 2014… etc thank you very much for Harry Maguire… etc… Thank you very much for 3 points last night… etc.. can we play you every week?”

“The whistles seriously pissed the enemy ****s off. Get in.”

“Great 3 points , City 1 vermin 0 , up yours Wilder .”

 “Get ****ed you dirty blunt scum. Nigel Adkins just bent you over.


“can’t stand them”

“I hate them”

“always good to get one over on the Blunts.”

“Apart from them singing
We want Allams In. Which was funny.
They were quiet
The Silence of the Pigs”

“I guess the childish squealing in the forum won’t recur tonight then. There’ll just be squealing pigs in Sheffield instead.”

“Talking to a Blunts fan not so long ago, on about how the atmosphere is not so good nowadays. He said Bramall Lane, except on odd occasions was crap. Wednesday when they had a Kop without a roof was deafening. Now it is pretty poor there as well. Sign of the times.
Watching on TV the crowd close ups showed a far different demographic than used to be the case with Blunts away followings”

“Brilliant that a manager comes out and says what was that. Well done Chris Wilder…”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Hull”
  1. Hull City joke fans, joke club hope you go down. That’s not a reflection of the result we played rubbish and didn’t deserve anything. It was the protest thing blowing whistles all game people like your owner aren’t bothered about that boycott the match then they might listen when the money coming in drops.

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