“We made 12 subs. Cant see the point myself”

“Sheffield looked rather rotund should we say.. Still faster than us mind”

“We couldn’t get a kick in midfield first half” “They were sharper than us more mobile.”

“We played with credit tonight. Good stuff.”

“Decent run out against a good championship side in the end.” “We were quality tonight.”

“Our young lads had them rattled a few times in the 2nd half”

“We looked good 2nd half”

“Not a bad result whatsoever against Utd.”

“They’re a decent team”

“Very good side under Wilder”

“Great finishes by John Fleck for them and Payne for us.”

“Lee evans is a good footballer, wish we’d have pushed the boat out for him when we had the chance”

“Billy f*ck*ng Sharp, every fu*k*ng time he scores against us” “Knew Sharp would score against us. He can’t not do.”

“Can we please sign Sharp?”

By Roy

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