“Sheffield utd. is a decent side and their season starts in a couple of days. There is nothing to be ashamed of.”

“I liked McGoldrick in his 6 caps for Ireland and thought he deserved to be called up a bit more than he did considering the lack of quality upfront.”

“Honestly pre season or not this shit is worrying…our midfield was obliterated by a championship team.”

“Really nothing worrying. Normal preseason.”

“A random preseason friendly game with a random Championship team. Enough said.”

“even though that game wasnt good. People seem to forget, that perisic, brozovic, n9, miranda and vecina are missing. So we we shouldnt panic that hard right now.”

“we don’t have Perisic, Brozovic, Nainggolan, Miranda, Karamoh, Vecino and now Dalbert, that’s 7 players out, 4-5 of them which are starters, so stop panicking about the performance.
Spalletti was also playing a new formation for the first time.
And we aren’t as far into preseason as the teams we are playing.”

“Boring game”

“Not enough shots on goal against an English pub team”

“Out of all the teams in england how did we end up playing sheffield united?”

“Enjoy the first team players during these friendlies because we’re gonna be playing with Primavera this season. So many f injuries.”

“our fullbacks are really trash”

“Watching Candreva makes me sick”

“i don’t think any scudetto winning team has ever had this disastrous preseason.
not even top4 clubs play this ugly even with their second team.”

“we’re gonna get hammered in Champions League.”

“we’re gonna get crushed in CL”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Inter Milan”
  1. At first the driver of the taxi take me to wrong arena, he rob me like the highway man! What a toilet! Lady in office of tickets tell me I am in Hillsborough and calls another taxi for me an my friends.
    Arrive at new looking stadium and watch match.
    We have to work much harder but Sheffield United are very enthusiastic and look good against a better side.
    So glad we weren’t at the other derelict place…

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