“Overall, I think this game confirmed what many people already knew. We have a strong first eleven but not much behind that.
The first half which by and large was our starting team, held their own well against a strong blades team. We were easily the better team, created the better chances but as so often before we couldn’t put them away. However you could argue that on another day we could have been 2-0 up at half time which is encouraging.
Just about a full team change for the second half and the quality from Rovers took a big dip as a result. Utd took control and we found ourselves chasing the ball too much. They pushed forward and we failed to make the required tackle and the two goals they scored were too easy.”

“a decent game to watch, very interesting to read the Sheffield United forum where one or two are very concerned how we dominated the first half, one having a rant that they could have been four down at half time but for a great goalkeeping display.I think he had forgotten two worldie saves from Morosi and slightly exaggerated the game although we did match them in the first half and while Crawford was on he looked a good player again, deserving a goal with a great bit of football through the centre of their defence. “

“Good run out against a well-organised team. Two halves two teams. I get why McCanns done it, still trying to find his ideal 11. Definite positive signs! Sheff Utd played well. Moore outstanding, McGoldrick looked good and I can always appreciate a great Billy Sharp goal”

“We simply can’t give up the midfield like we did tonight”

“We were against top championship quailty tonight so its very doubtful that we would ever take control.”

“We played against a top half Championship side yesterday so a bit of perspective needed.”

“That was pretty much the squad + new signings that finished their season against bristol city in the championship last year plus a couple of signings. I just checked. There could have been a couple with injuries but so had we.”

“We are not good enough again up front, with  too many chances going begging and little to show for the fine approach work . We can beat teams who are not in our League but not teams with better players or similar.”

“It seems fair enough and probably about right with us playing a decent championship side a week before the season kicks off.”

“ Did they have Buffon in goal??? Moore had a blinder”

By Roy

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