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“Our first win at Brammal lane in the league since 1937.”

“Got to admit I didn’t see this coming,but a great win for us having gone a goal down. “ “What a win! Great resolve from the boys!” “Outstanding victory at, to use a cliché, a very very tough place to go. “

“Sheff Utd tend not to be a pushover.”

“Not many teams will get an away win at either of the Sheffield clubs.”

“We deserved to win that game .Although a point wouldnt have been the end of the world “

“Far exceeded my expectations. Hope everyone else thinks so too.”

“In short, played some nice stuff second half and the future’s looking a lot more rosy than it did yesterday.”

“Brilliant seeing the pace, width and attacking intent. All the new lads played well and defence solid.”

“What a refreshing change to see us actually passing with intent, our two wingers made the difference. Keep this up and we will be up there at the end of the season.”

“Very promising start,think what we can be like in a few months times.
Carry on like this, it could be an exciting season. “

“The big difference came with the introduction of Montero … we all know what he can do when fit but only time will tell if that can last most of.a season.” “The positive for me is the pace of attack.”

“Five minutes away from securing a very creditable point on the road and we make an attacking sub. I’ve really missed that kind of positivity.”

“What an odd game – at times we looked excellent, other times ragged. Can’t argue with three points though.”

“Montero when fit and firing is without doubt the best winger I have ever seen at any level, but the rarity of him being both fit and firing is comparable to Paul Gascgoine being sober and not bringing chicken to serial killer hostage situations.”

“Ryan Wood did not take part today for Brentford. Hopefully that signing is done” “That was ok. Don’t think we’ll be in a relegation battle this season.”

“We were pretty terrible in the first half, but perked up massively after they scored.” “First half was worrying and it only got better when Montero came on. If  we can keep Montero fit for the season, I am sure, he will rip championship defences apart.”

“Sheff U created a lot of chances”

“Mention for the Ref, thought he had a very good game, good advantage for our second, vast improvement of those media whores in the EPL.”

“So happy Naughton is not any where near our team”

By Roy

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