“3 corners 3 goals. Get ****ing Pulis’d”

“It’s not like the rest of their game was decent, we’ve played right through them a couple of times“

“Can we play them every week?”

“I think there was too much space on the left when Utd attacked, too often. That needs sorting in future. Fortunately they’re rubbish and didn’t taken advantage”

“Sheff Utd didn’t look up to much, certainly not as good as last season and far more open than the corresponding game then.”

“Wilders team is made up of nobodies and our team is made of somebodies. And to be fair to him, we do have the quality of players in our team who should be better than theirs. But it didn’t stop them giving us a game last year. If that’s going to be his problem this season, they’re in for a long hard slog and are going to struggle. “

“strange as they seemed such a good side. But then there’s not many in their side who you’d take, certainly I wouldn’t. So he’s going to have to work to get the best out of them again really. As I said, a tough slog on his hands. No surprise he really wants to strengthen”

“I think the momentum from promotion carried them the first 2/3rds of last season, then they started to run out of steam a bit. Think they will struggle this year Sheffield United.”

“Think Sheff Utd have won 8 of 31 competitive games going back to last season.
Not the best record like.”

“Sheffield United are awful they are in trouble this year, could go down on this performance. You are in big trouble if you can’t defend set pieces.”

“We have made them look awful . We have won well”

“We played well tonight.Every player played well at times.” “

We won 3-0 but couldn’t string three passes together- Or is winning all that matters ?”

“I agree. Weve no co operation between the forwards and everything keeps breaking down with Assombolonga. Its a blessing sheff Utd were XXXXXX”

“That Woodburn looked like he had a bit”

“Overrated Schite.”

“The lad is 18, hardly any first team chances at Liverpool. He will be a great player in the future. Wish we went for him on loan. Watch the goal he scored for Wales v Austria after just coming on as a sub. Superb. “

“That Duffy fella they brought on looked twice the player Woodburn is. Everything went through him when he came on.” “Duffy and Woodburn were both decent”

“Duffy had much more about him than Woodburn but that was only because we sat back in the second half.”

By Roy

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