“lost to a very average side”

“Think we deserved a draw out of that.”

“We created enough. Eze could have had 4 goals”

“Eze and their goalkeeper best two players on the pitch”

“We were the better team in that first half, but United edged a poor second half. We had 15 shots to their 8, even if quite a few of them were from long range.”

“Not really clear cut chances though.”

“Sorry, we didn’t deserve anything out of that game after the 2nd half performance”

“We huffed and puffed, scored a good goal, then once again conceded either side of half – time. Second half we disappeared badly, and with that defence and attack we are rightly one of the relegation favourites.”

“We dominated in patches as did United. Scrappy most of the time but overall not good considering some of our performances last season.”

“Performance was patchy in the first half and poor in the second… Didn’t look like scoring after the penalty…”

“We are a naive team, to nice to play against , teams like she’d Utd, Preston, Leeds etc are going to bully us to death”

“Think strength is what was missing. Utd had it in abundance.”

“What did worry me slightly was how we failed to respond on the field to United’s basic ploy of dropping deep to block the spaces previously exploited by Eze and Freeman.”

“All looked very easy for Sheff Utd second half.”

“The worrying thing was we probably played as well as we can. “

“What worries me the most is that Sheffield United were utter shite too. “

“They were but we never looked like scoring an equilizer. “

“I’ve been wondering about our “mini league” and thinking about what teams are in it…. I reckon Preston and Sheff Utd are just average midtable teams so they are well out of our league. But, I’m really struggling to think of many teams as disjointed, toothless and powder-puff as us…. I’m looking at Rotherham. Brum, Ipswich and Reading and then I struggle.”

“A tremendously frustrating afternoon.
We had a good spell when we scored and looked in control. Their goal (just before half-time as usual) really seemed to knock us sideways.
Ingram looks very shaky, although he made one excellent save from Leon Clarke.
We played well in spells, but we have a lot of players who don’t know when to release the ball.
There is something weak about us. Not the whole game, but it was noticeable in significant spells of the game. Didn’t have a clue what the penalty was for.”

“1st half we were better but always lightweight, a team like the blades has to be put away and chances taken, we were silky and passiin well and a good goal set us up…..as i go go
for beers 1-1, didnt see it, but 2nd hald utd fancied it and with a weak pen given, elbow > but no one went dowm , no hand ball..it was weak, 2-1 game over.”

“Still early days, only two games in, but that was worrying. All the same problems as last season without the intensity that dragged us through games like that. That said, the penalty was weird and the goal apparently offside, so they’ve been gifted two goal goals. Without those it’d look a bit rosier I suppose. “

“McGoldrick comes on as sub in the 64th minute, wins a penalty and scores it in the 65th. Not watched but almost sounds like a plan…interested to hear if it was merited”

“It looked like one of the softest pens i’ve ever seen”

“Obscenely soft penalty. Typical
We were ok in 1st half, poor in 2nd for the second week in a row which is worrying.
Desperately need a bit of quality on loan, preferably a mobile striker who can link up with eze and freeman.”

“Pen did look at bit soft”

“Not been that angry at a game for a long, long time. Unless I missed a blatant handball from the other end of the ground, that was never a penalty.
Then the game killing shite that football allows by not having a timer that stops the moment the ball is out of play. The ref gave 4 separate warnings to their ‘keeper to hurry up with no punishment.
Then there was the small matter of just 1 minute 40 seconds play in the “5” added on.
Of course the secret is don’t be behind if you don’t want the oppo to do that, but my god, it was hardwatching… “

“The Ref should have cracked down on the time wasting, he was being made a mug of. “

“Absolute shithousery cheating from the Blades, which the ref was complicit in allowing. Completely lost control. Utd reffed the game second half. Soft as sh*t pen too.”

“I actually believe now after both games that teams like sheff utd, p ne, Reading etc look at what ref they have next game and look at his record. Is he piss weak like the two so far or do we actually try to win by playing some football. Its become part of the preparation for games almost as much as studying the oppo players. We need to take note. Cheating is now unfortunately part of the game, and cheats obviously do prosper.”

“It’s not just for time wasting that these teams do it though. If so, then the time added on at the end would make up for it to some extent. It’s because it breaks up the play, stops us getting any rhythm or momentum.
How the ref allowed Mcgoldrick to pretend to be injured on the sidelines then stagger ONTO the pitch and then collapse to hold up play I just don’t know. “

“Opposition teams are using injuries to control the game.”

“That’s 2 games that teams have time wasted and spoilt the game to their favour , we just don’t have an edge , I think we will be lucky to get to 40 points this season “

“Hope we were taking notes on how to close out a game ugly style.”

“Blame the ref if you want and many will, but the amount of times we gave the ball away was criminal.”

“I think it was a penalty tbh, little soft but definitely backed in under McGoldrick.”

By Roy

One thought on “View From QPR”
  1. Oh how easy it is to forget. Last season we played you off the park, and you got a late goal. Once that goal went in, you were wasting time. Look back at the last 15 minutes of last years game. I don’t like to see it, but it works both ways.

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