“Fantastic result this.
Young kids get a win
Players needing a boost scored a goal.
That **** Norwood missed.
Perfect night.
Well done Nige”

“so the difference was Norwood trying to hit the floodlights …. dodged a bullet there then”

“Good result, who needs Norwood anyway.”

“Agent Norwood”

“Karma for Norwood”

“How funny that Norwood was the one that missed! Bet those comments about us will bite him in the arse! Karma bites back”

“Ha ha should have signed for City”

“Sheff Utd have just been ripped off for Norwood. Thank god he never came here. Space station still trying to track the flight path of his penalty”

“In your face Norwood”

“**** me, had worse nights! Beat those misshapen headed bastards” “Always good to beat those ****s Sheffield United, no matter what the competition or however much I hate our ****ish owners.” “Get the ****ity **** in.”

“Good result
Pleased for the young uns
Delighted Norwood ****ed up
Any time you beat that ****ing horrible club is a good result mind you”

“Unbeaten in Pigtown this season.”

“Good win that”

“Wilder said they were the best team. Whatever I’m sure you said that last season in the league”

“Just Bitter we should have had a pen”

“What a sour man”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Hull”
  1. You deluded set of fish fingered twats , you wouldn’t know a good player even if you ever managed to get one .

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