“A fixture, especially in the cup, against Sheffield United always brings back good memories of that special day in April 2014. Hopefully we can proceed to the next round of the cup tomorrow, just like we did that day”

“Absolutely buzzing for Sheffield away on Tuesday. Love going Bramall Lane”

“£12 ticket and £12 coach travel as well. Ticket and travel £15 cheaper then just a match ticket to the blue side of Sheffield!”

“Such a good price for this one, love cup prices. And Utd is always the better day”

“Fair play for all those fans that  paid £39 plus cost of travel and food/drink y on Saturday. A criminal amount of money which really embarrasses Sheff Wed “

“The fact that Sheffield Wednesday fans jump to mocking rather then questioning the fact that £39 is far too much for football & excludes many people says a lot about the direction football is heading. Hull charge kids 27 i have boycotted for 3 years because of that.”

“One team we will finish above of is Sheff Wed they are a poor team definitely worse than us. We should have put them to bed in the first half. “

“Got our first point on the board, just need to keep going against Sheff Utd in the cup and Blackburn next week!”

“we played well against Villa and Sheffield Wednesday. No point moaning, that won’t help. Early days!”

“tbf last time I was at Bramall Lane we got battered 4-1”

“Just seen the QPR v Sheff Utd highlights. Needs to be hauled out again the next time Sheff U feel they have been cheated.”

“A fourth attempt at signing Norwood has failed and he’s going to Sheffield United.”

“Watch him score on Tuesday night just to rub it in that little bit more”

“And Adkins reckoned we weren’t too far apart. Must have been the ball of string and the bag of marbles we couldn’t muster up.”

“Blades showing Ehab how it’s done.
Price tag of £1.5m, offer £2m. That is how to run a business properly.”

“Ehab hasn’t ****ed it up – he couldn’t **** it up cos he had no intention of paying the Brighton asking price, we’re in full clawback mode, spending the bare minimum. Tbh, I can’t believe anyone gets there knickers in a twist over a ‘lost transfer’, Adkins will put a team out every week and people will support them, rightly so. Look on the bright side, they’ll soon be ****ing off with full pockets and their reputation stinking to high heaven.
Just roll with it, try not to give a **** for who we haven’t got, **support who we have.
** In my case, support at away fixtures.”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Hull City”
  1. Nice you remember day at Wembley. Enjoyed that despite losing. Not bad for a 3rd div outfit eh? Loved Leon’s 4 last time! Frozen to the marrow at KC 0-1: hope for better tomorrow. Glad you prefer the Lane. Very sensible. Pigs in blue are a pain in neck and elsewhere. UTB

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