“I think we will win this one, but it will be a tight workmanlike win. I really think that Pulis has seen the light regarding the youngsters, and I’d imagine that at least one of the senior players will be dropped. It also create some positive atmosphere in the stands which we definately need.SHeffield will make us work hard ”

“I do like Chris Wilder, I think I would have enjoyed playing for him”

“Quite like Chris Wilder – seems an honest fella.”

“I like him. Open, honest guy with no pretense who’s done a Sterling job at Bramall Lane. Not sure he’d be a better Blade than Wesley though…”

“I’ve just watched boro highlights, ok not perfect but battling back for a point is a solid start. Then Pulis comes on and states ‘to be honest I don’t think this team can achieve promotion’
I have never seen a manager totally write off his team after one performance like this, I may be wrong but I’m genuinely shocked he said it.
Why can’t you see your team getting promotion Tony? Have you not spent a month training them, a month to buy/ loan better players or players who fit your style better. Every fan of this club could tell you where we are difficiant, it’s been plain for years. We’re weak on the left, we have no creativity in midfield and we do not play to our best strikers strengths, ffs it’s not rocket science. With that statement tonight’s you have basically said you’ve XXXXXXed off the last month and now need panic buys in the last week to have any chance. I don’t know in any other profession where an admittance like that would not lead to the sack. You’re a disgrace Tony, please leave before you do some serious damage”

“We are donkeys ran by a jackass”

“We were miles behind Millwall we got lucky”

“We got lucky because he took the donkeys off. He shouldn’t have played them in the first place though.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m delighted we stole a unlikely draw from the jaws of defeat but make no mistake that wasn’t good enough, the squad isn’t good enough and it needs fixing immediately.”

“Or you could say it was an amazing point with a team that will be nowhere near our best starting 11 come next Friday.”

“We are missing 3 key players from te starting 11 today and we are bound to sign 4 or 5 players this week.”

“Trying to think when we had a “manager out” chant maybe Bryan Robson “dont know what you’re doing” is the closest, but I think we might get one this season”

“I don’t really blame Pulis. This is Gibson’s doing. Still time to get a couple of players in so all is not lost. I’m just gutted we didn’t see the potential Bamford has. Kid will end up scoring goals in the top flight and we’ve sold him for the same price we paid for Braithwaite, who is nowhere near Bamford in terms of quality. Traore and Gibbo were inevitable, but allowing Bamford to leave really has left a sour taste. The boy will go on to show just how good he is, leeds have bought our best striker since Viduka and it makes me ill.”

“Taking Traore out of the picture our lleft and right sides are absolutely dire.
If waghorn is going to play the inside right role we need A far better forward thinking full back there, someone like Christie….. Ola Aina at Chelsea would be my favourite.
Lb and lw are awful however braithwaite looked like he could be the answer just not sure we can trust him to be consistent all season. But again we need the attacking full back behind.”

“I don’t think Pulis is unaware of the cracks, he didn’t sound particularly happy in the post match and was saying he was basically having to play a half strength team.
Whether that means he’ll get it to his idea of full strength or not is a different matter.”

“We need 7 players. Yep, 7!!! 2 full backs, a centre back, centre midfield, 2 widemen and a striker!”

“I get the impression that we’ll be focusing on the loan market more than anything, rather than splashing the cash but we have to be patient and wait and see what kind of squad we finish up with before writing off the season after just one game.”

“Lets leave the moaning until this time next week ,there’s going to be at least £43 million coming into the club from 3 sales ,if we dont buy good replacements and add players where needed ,THEN we all have every right to have a good old moan”

By Roy

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