“Phew! I almost thought we were about to lose our reputation as an absolute shambles and an embarrassment to the city! Good thing you bottled it again eh? Cracking stuff.”

“That’s killed me off that Sheff Utd 3rd. I was buzzing that we pulled it back and thought we’d push on and get the ‘old’ PNE back. Fed up”

“Wish we’d just lost 2-0 and not give me the hope, fuck off”

“Getting to the point that Neil is going to have to rely on Tea Leaves and Derek Acorah to find a solution to our fucking problems.”

“Sheffield United, despite being 4th, weren’t much better-3 shots on target, same as us and marginally more possession.”

“1st half a negative shambles. 2nd half we were excellent but were done at the end by shocking defending.”

“We might have merited something but we didn’t get it. What a shambles”

“Don’t let the comeback fool anyone. That was as bad as it was at Leeds.”

“don’t let 2 goals in 2 minutes paper over all the rubbish on view.”

“We deserved nothing out of this game but they gave us a bit of hope for a couple of mins.”

“got what we deserve. Nowt”

“My gran could run faster than our two centre backs”

“we did fuck all and a draw would’ve been robbery. They were shite 2nd half though”

“You’d think they had just won the Champions League the fucking bottle jobs”

“You’re nothing special, we lose every week”

“I need a new interest. One that doesn’t involve a deep state of depression between the hours of 3pm – 5pm on a Saturday afternoon”

“Time to get the gin out.”


By Roy

One thought on “View From Preston”
  1. Thought the blades dominated the first 60 minutes we went 2-0 and the defending for the 2 goals was sunday league stuff . anything less than a win for the blades would have been

    i thought basham norwood and duffy was excellent

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