“Got a young team who are struggling to cope with the pressure of bigger grounds and more intimidating atmospheres, not helped by a manager setting them up to park the bus and treat a draw like a win inviting pressure on and off the pitch. Plus injuries are killing us, wiping out all our pace which made us so dangerous on the break, not helped by the manager refusing to play the quickest attacker we still have available. Finally we also have a small cluster of players who are simply not good enough at this level but are seeing gametime due to injuries (Vaughan, Connolly etc). Think that covers it.
I’m right behind the manager and players but with Sheff Utd and Boro next I’m extremely worried. The last three performances away from home have been as bad as I’ve seen us over the last few years.”

“We go into home games trying to win, when we go away it’s like damage limitation and you can’t go into a fight afraid to throw a punch and expect to win in. Fortune favours the brave and away from home we’ve quite frankly been very cowardly.”

“We are six points behind leeds and eleven points from rock bottom but play Sheffield this weekend. Another loss would shift the balance and start to draw us into a relegation battle.”

“I don`t get our inconsistency and why we lump it forward with no support for the knock down
Play like that at Sheffield and we could be in for a thumping”

“I can accept a defeat.
I can accept two, three defeats on the bounce.
I can accept a poor performance.
I can accept experimentation.
But I cannot accept the way we are rolling over and abandoning our successful passing and pressing game principles away from home. Half a dozen games of this **** and no signs Cook is learning from his mistakes.”

“I don’t think he knows what to do to fix it does Cook. He seems to have run out of ideas away from home and has resorted to basically parking the bus in an attempt to steal a draw from somewhere to break the losing streak and hope that it brings confidence, momentum to the players. Only problem is the players have no belief in themselves”

“Reality check. Little old Wigan, punching above our weight.
Yes, we have played shyte in most away games so far but I am still predicting mid table finish.”

“Are we really that bad or are some folk going over the top with criticism of the club/manager and his selection of certain players .
After all we arnt doing that badly surely when you take into account what happened last time we was in this league I mean after 14 games we had a grand total of ten points and had not got a win away from home not much difference there chaps our home form a couple of years ago wasn’t much better after 14 games we had 2 wins and 2 draws plus three defeats with in many posters views at the time and indeed some are saying the same now not championship players .
All in all we are doing fine people must remember that away form in this league ain’t like league one you just can’t go gung ho all the time have patience we have the right man this time for the job in hand and hopefully when injuries clear up a more than adequate team to finish comfortably mid table/ top half judging on teams played so far”

“Not bad at all. Infact, very good for a team that hasn’t been at this level (literally or figuratively), for a number of years. My only criticism is that I know how good we can be and I would like to see us play to what I perceive as our strengths. I also have nasty memories of what a defensive approach can lead to in this league and defeats can stack up very quickly.”

“We’ve already shown this season we can compete when we apply ourselves. The issue is we aren’t applying ourselves properly away from home. If we wouldn’t have been so negative away from home and maybe had a touch more luck with dodgy refs we could easily have another 5 or 6 points that would have us floating around the automatic places. If anything I’d say we’ve not got as many points as we probably should have.”

“Well done Wigan, agree to buy the player which means he will never play for them again but agree to Sheffield Utd’s request to make him non eligible for Saturdays game.
Who does the contracts at Wigan ? Ray Charles ??”

“Sheffield Utd allowed Leonard to play, but not Evans. Therefore not our decision. It’s pretty obvious Sheff U see us as more of a threat that Millwall, so take it as a compliment.”

“Sheffield Utd see us as more of a threat than Millwall”.. thats got to be about the most bellend remark anyone’s said on here for a good while.”

By Roy

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