“I felt very proud today of the boys attitude throughout the game, and I thought we could have won that match had it not been for their goalie, and a bit more composure in front of goal. That said, Sheff U are no mugs and probably edged it first half with that bit extra quality. Second half we ran them into the ground”

“Cracking game and we keep our unbeaten record when I watch us on ESPN+. Overall I thought they were quicker in the head than we were but on balance I think 2-2 flattered them slightly more than it did us. I would have been gutted if we had lost. Overall another display to show that we can compete at this level and in Proctor I think we have the ‘finisher’ we keep talking about.”

“Was a good game and Im glad we didn’t lose but I think there’s lessons to be learned from that game”

“Its very difficult to ask for anything more than what they gave today. We were the better team by far and deserved more. Very proud.”

“We were worthy of at least a point.
Second half onslaught from us.
We just never give in do we ?”

“Always love a last min goal for us tee hee and more than deserved.”

“That was a fantastic game. Both teams trying to win it, very competitive but no stupidity, full house and we were definitely the better side. Mixed emotions – relief at getting a late equaliser but disappointment that we didn’t get all three because the performance deserved it.”

“A game we perhaps deserved to win and certainly didnt deserve to lose. A point looked good before the game and I wont necessarily change my mind.A good all-around performance with some good individual play.V sheff Utd might be my favourite game. Maybe its the amount of red and white.Towell, vaulks and Taylor all did well and Duffy and of course Henderson for them.It was a really great Derby and one that was played in a good competitve spirit.”

“Two goals from two chances shows the quality of the Blades, the but tonight, i am very proud of my team.
Should Duffy and co be cited for crowd incitement? We will probably get a huge fine for the bottle throwing. Send the bill to utd”

“Duffy’s actions were stupid and unnecessary but throwing something is unforgivable under any circumstances. I hope whoever did it gets banned for life. No excuses.”

“Funny thing about today was that every time ive heard Wilder on the tv or radio he talks about their high tempo killing teams – well they hung on for the last 1/3 of that game and we showed them how to play press football. I also thought their striker who came on did nothing but try and foul our players, he was a disgrace. Warney got the subs spot on too.”

“Ref – Wish, for once, we could get one that is consistent with both sides
How many more times was he going to let Leon Clarke lead with the arm/elbow before he was going to give a foul never mind have a word
Their keeper (he’ll be going places) couldn’t have taken more time preparing and talking goal kicks if he tried.”

“Their keeper is typical of the new style of stopper. Fantastic shot – stopper, good at distribution, but weaker in the air. Penalty? Not sure about that, but it definitely wasn’t a foul on him.”

“To beat us, Sheffield needed to match our effort and they couldn’t do it for 90 minutes. In fact that statement does us no justice at all because we were outstanding and a point is the very least we deserved. Conceding that late goal would finish most teams, we simply dusted ourselves down and kept going. It would have been a huge injustice if that had been the winner.Henderson pulled off some astonishing saves to keep them in the game. It could literally have been 4 or 5-2 to us. He was lucky not to have given away a penalty too. Although that ref was never ever going to give it no matter how blatant it was.Feeling very proud and maybe slightly robbed, knowing we could/should have won.”

“Great game their.goalie played a blinder 2 daft mistakes at back ajayi for first and we went to sleep for 2nd Warne should have with the benefit of hindsight made the double change earlier I thought they was an average side”

“Yep well deserved point today and would have won it if we had taken our chances they were knacked at the end and had to thank pillock head in goal for keeping em in it.Good atmosphere as well and loved the taunting of their keeper. ”

“their keeper played an outstanding game. Also liked the bit of banter he had with the North Stand who were asking him where he was at Wembley – he then pointed to the penalty spot and reminded everyone he saved Ball’s penalty. The instant response of the Richard Wood song was classic football humour at its best!”

“Unlucky not to win but relieved to take a point in the 92nd minute. Dean Henderson is an England keeper of the future.”

“The Blades only had one keeper but he played like two. He was outstanding and its as well for them that he was, or we would have got he three points that we thoroughly deserved.”

“we battered Sheffield united especially in the second half.difference between the 2 teams a bit of luck when your at the top for there secound goal and we are lacking any quality in the final third.proctor finish was championship standard ajayi didn’t play that well sharp showed his experience and his but if quality which did him at times.”

“Chants from their fans made me smile…..down With the Wednesday, you,RE going down with the Wednesday………top are top of the league…..Oohh the irony
I think there,s been way too much hype coming out of S2……not unexpected. String a few results together and they,RE world beaters.The Wendy were telling us to mind the gap about 6 weeks ago….Ooohhh the irony”

By Roy

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