“I think I saw the best team we’ve played tonight, for the first half hour.
They literally gave us the run around
But the size on them, half of them were fatties and the other half over the hill.They were literally spent after half time and we came right into it and scored a superb goal. ”

“How good would they Be with a decent target man up front that knows how to put it away”

“Potter got it spot against a good Sheff Utd team.”

“Great win, rode some serious luck though.”

“How did we win that? Oh well 3 points is 3 points”

“Brilliant 2H performance against a very good team. We looked superb at times.” “We weren’t at our best (credit to Utd) but one header aside I never felt like we’d concede”

“Thought a draw was a fair result but superb by the boys second half.” “Sheffield United were very decent opposition”

“Superb win against an impressive Sheffield United side.”

“Sheffield United showed their qualities during the match.” “There was a good shape to The Blades”

“Was not expecting that result”

“The “front three” of McBurnie, Routs/James and Dyer seemed to be deployed to pin their centre halves back. The overload they had on the left was almost always initiated by the wide CB pushing on.
To this end it worked well and even gave us more bodies in space when we recycled possession.”

“Had to win today and deservedly did so.”

“Great result for us that, double over them now and they were 2nd ! First half we gave them too much respect, 2nd half much better 1”

“Great 3points. double over Sheffield United who were on a great run.”

“No mean feat doing the double over them”

“Performances like today will push us bloody close to the play offs”

“Performances like we saw in the 2nd half, not the first.”

“Their manager winging about the ref. Booked 2 of my players and no penalty at the end of the game.
Can expect a “come up and see me “from the FA and a contribution to the Xmas party slush fund £10,000 maybe.”

“Fair play their fans were decent but got nothing on the jack army. Cracking second half performance after being bossed in the first”

By Roy

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