“fair result, bit disappointing having lead twice, but can’t really complain about the result, the ref was shite”

“We weren’t at our best today and our passing wasn’t great at times. You can’t play possession football if you needlessly give the ball away. Disappointing but have to say a fair result and it keeps us well and truly in the hunt. On to next week”

“When are we actually go to  beat a top 6 team? A draw was not a disaster but feels like a defeat. Farke slow making subs and shocking defending for their 2nd goal.”

“After the Leeds game, our only remaining game against a top six side is Boro away. plus Bristol at H. Leeds still have to play Boro, WBA home, Sheff U at home and Bristol away. Sheff U still have Boro H, WBA A, Sheff Weds A, Leeds A and Bristol H”

“Fair result today. Those grumbling about not beating any of the top teams should bear in mind that we lost to both WBA and SU at the beginning of the season before we really got going, and have improved on that in the return games fielding the least experienced back line in the division and a second string midfield pair in front of them. At full strength we are perfectly capable of beating whoever we need to if it comes to the playoffs.” 

“We ship far too many goals to be auto promotion imo. I don’t fancy us in the play offs as we can’t  beat anyone  any good. I hope I’m wrong but I think we are going to fall a little short”

“Very Disappointing.  Leaking again. One pointless goal. Second half performance not as good either. Fair play to a stubborn SU I suppose “

“Thought the team played well against a good Sheff Utd”

“Such a shame we didn’t win today, weren’t at our best & Sheff utd are decent”

“Not surprised Sheff Utd are up there. I’d say they’re a better side than WBA based on the few games I’ve seen of each. Thought a draw was fair but frustrating we can’t hold onto a lead.”

“It was an intense game today and it looked tiring for both teams. Maybe we could have got the subs on earlier but it was so tight and tense that it is difficult to blame DF. We were under the cosh sometimes but pressuring them in return. Yes a win should have been the end result but it was an entertaining game and four goals once again. “

“Yeah fair result in the end, as you say though dj frustrating after leading twice. We do seem to have a bit of a soft underbelly, which really isn’t something you want as a team going for promotion . A point would be fine as it meant Sheffield United wouldn’t gain any ground on us, and they didn’t. So I’m happy enough about that. I do find it funny United were time-wasting, and their fans were singing that ‘take your time Sheffield United’ song, considering that them time-wasting was fine by us. A draw is a much better result for us than it is them, as it means they haven’t gained any ground on us. Particularly considering our favourable run of games after Leeds next week. Not the brightest bunch are they. Best moment of the match though had to be Zimmermann shoving Billy Sharp straight to the ground off the ball, and then Sharp getting up and tryna square up to him before realising he barely comes up to Zimmermann’s shoulder”

“Strange one. Sheff Utd acting like they’ve won the league when they’ve got a point which keeps them 3 points below us?!
weird bunch. Decent performance from us”

“Strange mentality to be happy with a point when they could’ve won it. A win puts them above us but happy to settle for a draw. Not sure about that myself “

“They’ve done us home and away, they played very well today as did we. Fair play to them!”

“Well, we hang on for a draw but only 7 shots, though 5 were on target. Status quo preserved but 3 points behind Leeds now and West Brom have a game in hand. Big disappointment but at least not a disaster. Whew”

“We’re like a boxer with a glass jaw. If we can’t defend, we don’t deserve to go up.”

“That’s a sickener.  Particularly considering the differing quality of football played by the two sides. “

“For all the talk of Sheff Utd not being cloggers and playing football, they did nothing except hoof it at Madine and kick us. “

“Sheff Utd are bunch of knobheads – those who said they weren’t cloggers clearly don’t know what they’re talking about. Basham in particular is a c-un-t. We scored two great goals playing proper football on the plus side. Another ref with no consistency whatsoever. Let the game flow which was a plus but booked Zimmermann for the same tackle Sheff Utd players had already made 4 or 5 times, and let them kick us off the park with late tackles and leaving the foot in.”

“Penalty was pretty soft, Buendia clearly nudged him but the guy went down like a ton of bricks.”

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By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Norwich”
  1. The comment about blades not being very bright because we seemed happy with a point made me smile. We’ve taken 4points off you this term so in the grand scheme of things I think it’s it you that aren’t very bright.

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