“Parky went for a 0-0 and he got half of it right – we got Nil. We actually played ok, but we were never going to get anything from this game with Parkys negative tactics. Their first goal was a foul on Hobbs imo, no complaints about their 2nd apart from our shite marking in the box.” 

“Bolton Wanderers Nil” – the most used phrase in football. “

“It’s pretty shit. 1st half played for 0-0. And it worked. 2nd half, was never going happen, 0-2 was a result and Parky ( hands in pockets) is well happy. Sad times. “

“we were not that bad, but not good enough. It isnt gelling, the players do seem to be capable of performing and today there are moments where they show what they are capable of. But before they gel and become a championship side they will be relegated :lol:. I dont blame the manager, it isnt him. He cant help  howling mistakes from individual players. Like todays first goal, how is that the managers fault? The first goal was a players fault. And one goal like that, and its the end of the game when you cant score.

“Today was like any other 20 or so games this season. We were not that bad. But just not good enough. The club is in a massive rut and we need something quick to lift the gloom. The manager is the only thing we can change so he has to go. ”

“This isnt Parkys fault. Boltons played well. Individual errors from players gifting goals is the players fault.”

“Fucking budget. Got fuck all to do with it. if we had an extra £11m on our budget it’d just mean we had a keeper worth £1m more lumping the ball 80 yard. 2 holding midfielders worth an extra £2m staying our side of half way and playing Square and backward passes. And a striker worth a million quid not seeing the ball anywhere other than 6 feet above his head for 90 mins. how PP sets his team out to play isn’t because they’re worth fuck all it’s because it’s all he knows”

“The really annoying thing is that outsiders think PP has done a good job against all the odds. No, he’s crap with no money, and he’s the same with £100 million. He’s another Pulis, Hughes, Morinho, but worse.”

“We set up from the first minute to nick a 0-0.  Players tying shoelaces in the first 10 minutes. Sheffield Utd weren’t all that.  Have a go at losing 4-3, 3-2 or even fucking 3-0 having a go rather than surrender 2-0 before a ball is kicked. “

“we only have 2 strikers n both of em turn like a fucking triple decker bus”

“The FAT PIG scored”

“Who the fook was supposed be he marking fat little Billy Sharp?”

“Can not watch this side again sober.”

“On the upside, Sheffield need to clean one of their sinks out. “

“It’s unfortunate for the cleaners at Bramhall Lane, minimum wage or not, I would refuse to clean the sinks! On to football matters, what was in the sink represented what was on the pitch and on the sidelines. “

“I mean enough about the game, team, club like but who fucking shits in a sink? The smallest of small time clubs. “

By Roy

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