” I gotta say they were by far the best team and one of the best to come here , players all playing for each other and moving the ball around well and quickly ,unbelievable ending ,an error on each which looked so unlucky from their back four all night,crazy game but that’s why we love it”

“Apart from Leeds, Utd are the best team I have seen at Villa Park this season. Completely played us off the park with the high energy and will to compete and win every second ball. We got extremely lucky and I doubt any Villa fan would have expected a point from the game at 3-0 down. Play like that for the remainder of the season and the Blades will be in the Premier League. As for Villa, I think we have a few more long hard seasons of championship football to look forward to.”

“Honest to god, Sheffield United are the best team I have seen this season. We did not deserve a point but they fell asleep in the last 15. We woke up and snatched the point. wouldn’t want to face them in the playoffs. “

“Ultimately today, we’ve got another draw – and as magical as the moment was, it’s probably a draw that in the cold light of day puts an end to our hopes of reaching the playoffs. We should have had a penalty and they should have had a goal disallowed twice, but we haven’t been unlucky, quite the opposite – we’ve robbed Sheffield of a win and their fans of their own table topping moment. If I had an ounce of decency, I’d apologise to Sheffield United.”

“Hats off to Sheff Utd and Chris Wilder. Great, almost unique system. Good to watch, fit and passionate. All the things we’re not unfortunately. Bbrilliant, creative manager and a great team to watch ”

“Ref crap but ultimately, good teams take the initiative from the off. That’s why #SUFC won’t be far away (no right to be there with £ spend), and #AVFC will blag it (huge £ should be top 2) if they go up. “

“Sheff feel like they lost.
Villa feel like they won.
That’s footy. “

“Wow, football, marvellous, isn’t it. totally out hustled all over the park for 70 mins and then Sheff Utd got all jittery and gifted us a couple of goals.”

“How the hell have we got a point from that! Thought we were absolutely dreadful. Gonna be hard for Sheff Utd to pick themselves up”

“Absolutely disgusting performance for 82minutes. Of course fans left with that absolute pathetic attempt of football on the pitch. That one-off miracle only papered over the cracks. Anyone who is happy with that needs their head checking.”

“Despite the possession stats being in our favour….I thought they dominated the ball better than us, closed down better than us, passed the ball better than us, showed more urgency and tenacity better than us and showed better anticipation. its a great comeback, but to ignore the previous 70 minutes is folly….we will go nowhere playing like that.”

There were periods in the game it was embarrassing.

“Bizarre finish. Probably the most undeserved point I’ve seen but a great comeback!”

“DS said we were the better the team hahahhaha “

“Villa’s worst performance of the season bar none
There for the taking, also that blades second goal had so many reasons to be disallowed, the referee was terrible for Villa. “

“Sheffield can’t really complain at a draw as Villa felt the referee gave them every decision.
Other than the 3 goals (one of which was illegal) what else did the Villa keeper have to do? I can’t think of one other save he had to make”

“The commentators were cumming themselves all game about Sheffield United but really, they’re not that good.”

“Could so easily have lost comfortably against a side who just do the basics right for me….not much more else. “

“What’s even better is Sheffield United fans got cocky singing “We are top of the league” then bottled it”

“the Sheff Utd fans were a credit to the club and team tonight. The best to come to Villa Park this season”

Have to love seeing all the Sheffield Wednesday fans gloating on Twitter, no offence but where are they in the league compared to Sheffield United, as a Villa fan Sheffield is red and white “

“Better football. Better fans. Best in Sheffield.”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Villa”
  1. Of course we were cocky,who wouldn’t be at 3-0 with 15 mins left ? Good posts tho. Not too disappointed. Would’ve accepted a draw before the game being as you’ve drawn 4 of last 6. Great stadium with massive support.

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