“Maybe just edged the first half but didn’t make chances count then cracked under pressure.”

“Absolutely outplayed in every department!! Pulis needs to go!! Even if it’s another year in the championship? Football is basic, boring.”

“Worst thing about tonight is sheff united were under par and not up to usual standards in particular large part of 1st half yet we barely laid a glove on them. Really poor. Hanging on for 6th going to be really tough”

“Both teams poor, but they were there for the taking. “

“5-4-1 in a game where 3 points would have been huge. Sheffield United were below par and were there for the taking”

“GET HIM OUT. All the way to Sheffield for another half arsed performance.”

“Don’t dress it up a 13 man Pullis team would of got beat with his tactics and no sticker on the pitch….. Yes I mean NO STRIKER. lumping around does not qualify for this role. Boro lad or not. In fact I bet at least a dozen Boro lads in the crowd tonight are better than Hughill”

“Totally fucking schooled in that Second Half tonight. We play like a Pulis side but we don’t often show the character & savvy of a Pulis team.”

“There was a clear weakness exposed late in the First Half with Friend getting up with Downing. Sheff Utd did well to get that sorted with their Half Time change.”

“We’re *** to watch and Sheff United look quality. There off the ball runs are great as well. Better players or better manager and system?….. ”

“Not better players. Just a far superior manager.”

“They made an attacking sub and by some sort of miracle do more going forward, scoring within 15 minutes. Who would have thought!!?
Theres a lesson to be learnt there Tony, but you will never understand.”

“So pathetic to lay down and die like that against a rival.
Wilder would have us challenging for top 2.”

“No he wouldnt problem is this team under Karanka and Pulis is so driven into them (the defensive mindset) this team dont know to play any other way.”

“Gibson will have noticed the good football they play and hopefully consider their manager for our next appointment.”

“We had lost it before going down to 10 men. Let’s not try and soften the blow. Again we remain reactive and wait to go behind before making changes. Even the commentator on Sky said when we have a chance to build and play it forward, we do the opposite and pass it backwards.”

“We don’t go to win, just to suffocate opponents, awful second half, Ayala was a walking red or pen. No attacking intent, pace, wingers and the lump up front can’t stay upright and when he does gives a foul”

“Why don’t we go out an attack like Sheff Utd?”

“We the most boring team to watch in the league”

“We are a horrible, horrible side to watch, it would be a travesty if this team went up playing this negative boring football and with this dinosaur in charge.”

“Lovely stuff. Particularly enjoyed them 4 consecutive throw ins down the right.”

“Lost to a team that had Cranie and Stearman as their centre half’s”

“They had Martin Cranie and Richard Stearman at the back tonight, absolutely laughably bad stuff.”

“We weren’t great but Hugill was pulled up for virtually every aerial challenge but their scorer was all over Fry,stopping him being able to jump to head the ball!”

Sheff United players spent more time on the floor tonight than my carpet”

“That’s a red for fleck for me. two footed lunge right through mikel”

“Officials let the home fans intimidate them big style”

“Surprised the officials decided to leave their Shef Utd gear at home. Their fans were giving them grief but everything went their way. Don’t think the referee could’ve given them more, might have gone to his house and found his Shef Utd bed set. ”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “View From Boro”
  1. We were on the floor more tan your carpet??? Probs cos of your fouls!! However, I think we missed the mighty Basham tononight! Well done anyway Blades!!! Deano, back to perfection ❤️❤️⚔️⚔️❤️????

  2. OK, we weren’t at our best but still won. The reason for that is we are better than Middlesbrough, better management, better players and better attitude. Stearman and Crainie don’t normally get a game but their commitment and performance tells you everything about my club. Don’t be bitter just take it on the chin and move on.

  3. Middlesboro,
    Pre historic manager,
    Pre historic tactics,
    Pre historic team,
    Pre historic methods.
    Did you have 11 dinosaur playing.
    How do you watch that style of football week in week out.
    At least we went to try to win the game.

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