“Reading are now on a run of 9 league games against the Blades which has seen them gather just 1 point. And that point was gathered at Bramall Lane almost exactly 8 years ago to the day. “

“Thank fudge that is over. Wouldn’t have scored if we’d played for a week.”

“Sheff Utd are quite possibly the best team we have played this year”

“They are a seriously good side and I think wilder is an exceptional manager. The best in the division by a distance. “

“You have to give Sheffield credit. To say we gave them the win would be naive, they’re quicker, stronger and better in all departments. But we could have done a hell of a lot more. Well played to United though, their style of play is a pleasure to watch, they’re quick, incisive and always pick the right option. Norwood and Madine were class for them, fortunately for us their LWB was pretty average or the scoreline could have been worse. They just need to cut out their pre-match comments ”

“It was a similarly poor performance as Blackburn first half against a team with the quality to actually punish us”

“Passing football like we do is nonsense, United have the perfect balance between when to go short and when to go long .Norwood > Any of our midfielders, but I could have told you that three years ago. I remember when people said Norwood wouldn’t get in our team because we had Evans, Swift and Kelly. How wrong were they”

“Gary Madine showing what a Champ striker looks like, while we’ve spent the last couple years trying to figure it out. “

“You can’t have any complaints about Oliviera. If he’d had the service Madine got I’m sure we’d have a goal or two.Now Norwood, Duffy and Fleck would walk into our team, look about and then walk right back out in disgust. “

“men vs boys, Sheff showing in last couple seasons what you can do in Champ without spending billions. And oh, they made more changes from Wednesday night to their starting lineup today than we did. “

“Sheff actually passed it around better than we did.
Of course, like most Champ teams, they are built for the Champ, and so they are also bigger, taller, stronger, meaner, and more physical than we are (something we haven’t grasped in recent years, apparently) . “

“The team on the pitch had absolute no belief that they could pull it back, and it’s hard to argue that they had any chance. Sheff Utd are a better team than us in most ways.”

“They were better in every department”

“oxf*rd me, most of us weren’t expecting anything today, I naively predicted a 1-1 but 4-0 and it could be oxf*rd worse. “

“Short passing crap ball at the back when teams are flying high in the division and pressing you is suicidal”

“Let’s hope Gomes can restore a bit of confidence in the team after this thrashing. We’re going to need it next Saturday. Still, we have had 60% possession apparently – reminds me of Stam Days!”

“It’s also worth noting that Sheffield United rested the two players that have scored 17 of their last 20 goals!”

“Has there been a bit of bribery here-Blackburn did the same on Wednesday night- or are these teams now starting to feel sorry for us?”

“To think there are three teams below us in the league and effectively worse than us is simply unbelievable”

“On a positive – I like Bramall Lane as a ground. It’s in a good location, away fans get a decent view and there’s some atmosphere.” ”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “View From Reading”
  1. We ‘ve all seen our teams in games like that. Hurts like he’ll at the time, but it makes the good times even better. Hope you all got home before the pubs shut .?

  2. Reading Goalkeeper man of the match stopping it being too embarrassing, sad to see a team not playing for each other. Praise for the their travelling away fans who have to watch that shower week in week out.

  3. In reply to the comment that Bramall Lane is a good ground.Best in the Football League for atmosphere particularly for a night match.What’s more they have an all British team with a manager who was born a United fan,grew up as one,was a ballboy at the ground,played for them and now manages them.And the media still don’t recognise this as an achievement.Still obsessed with those that splash money around even in the Championship like Middlesborough,Villa and Forest.Come on you red and white wizards!

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