“3 horse race now for top 2 or still 4 and possibly boro ?
Leeds away Friday is a must win imo if not be play offs “

“Come up against a decent side and we’re found wanting again”

“Won’t see a more comfortable 1-0 than that. Schooled. “

“The worst indictment is that Sheff Utd wanted it more. They were half a yard quicker all night.  We just cannot help ourselves giving goals to the opposition.”

“I’m actually disgusted by that performance, we looked like amateurs”

“So obvious it wasn’t working in midfield, all game we was overrun, all game we played it into the midfield and put ourselves under pressure. Automatic is done…over

Our home form is an embarrassment.

Why can we not win at home? Why can’t we build up a head of steam?

Why do we make the same mistakes every home game and nothing changes

I’m fuming tonight….”

“One of the worst performances I’ve seen. Absolutely clueless throughout, from start to finish. Just shocking. Before fans start with the “not Moores fault”, the man tells them to pass out from the back every time. Our players don’t know what to do. Sheff utd had time to pass and move, everything.He either doesn’t know how to change or he won’t. Pathetic. ”

” Pathetic absolutely pathetic performance that, completely void of all ideas all on the coaching staff. We’ve had about 3 games all season where we have performed well for a team with the supposed quality we have in it that’s not good enough. The home form is now a genuine problem. Playoffs at best and we’l get done over by Pulis. “

“One of the worst performances i’ve ever seen from a midfielder from Barry, lost it almost every time he had it, couldn’t pass, caught on it anytime he tried to dribble, provided nothing in defence. Been good most this season but that was an absolute shocker. “

“Sheffield United were the better side and probably deserved to win. Disgraceful from Rodriguez to be honest, that’s not the way we should be playing. Though if he scored it’d be a different story, I can guarantee that!”

“Got beat by a team with a better game plan”

“Sheff Utd just about deserved it. Our key players not on the top of their game. Not enough quality in final third, too slow build up.”

“Sheff Utd played well, defended resolutely first to the ball and kept it in possession.”

“It was a test to see where we really are in terms of promotion and the evidence suggests we will fall short of automatic as SU were just too good for us today”

“Wilders plan worked perfectly..could have stayed out for another hour and we still wouldn’t have scored”

“Sheffield United deserve credit, they did their homework on us and it paid off “

“Fair play Sheff Utd. Best team I’ve seen this season. Shut us completely down”

“credit to sheff utd took their chance look a decent side”

“sheff Utd so much better than us tonight,didn’t deserve anything”

Sheff utd did to us what we did to stoke a couple of weeks back…….perfect away performance from them.”

“Credit to Sheff Utd, thought they played really well, good football, good movement and a yard quicker in every position. “

“We made a good well organised championship team look better than they are really but again not surprised. Just scratching my head. Fair play to Sheff Utd . They look much more like a team than we do. “

“Sheff Utd had a weakened and makeshift defence tonight and we haven’t laid a glove on them. We’re getting worse going forward and the defending is as shambolic as ever. That’s automatics out of the window. Can’t see past Norwich and Leeds walking it now. Time to start looking for a proper head coach, away form the only thing keeping him in a job.”

“I thought Sheffield United were a decent side, nothing special based on tonight but also dont think they really got out of 1st gear it was that easy for them. They thoroughly deserved to win and to be fair you can see why there fans were so confident as they are a better team than us, i dont like them as a club but it would be good to see a team who plays that way go into the premier league as they have a go. “

“Players had very little passion today and sheffield united arent a particularly goods side nor for a minute do i think they will go up but they wanted it more than us”

“I don’t actually know if Shef Utd are any good, as they didn’t need to be against us. All they had to do was work hard, press us when we had the ball knowing that we would eventually pass it to them. A solid, workmanlike performance which sees at least one team promoted every year, such as Hudds Town and Cardiff in recent years. “

“Thought Sheffield United were a dirty bitty side only interested in gamesmanship and time wasting. “

“Sheff Utd in fairness were excellent for the first 30mins with the way they knocked the ball around.  After that they were pretty garbage”

Sheff Utd are hard working but ain’t world beaters. “

“Regards Sheffield United I thought they were a functional side nothing more, still expect to finish comfortably above them,  and would be more than happy to meet them in the play offs if we don’t make top 2. They stuck to their game plan while Barry and Harper had their worst performances of the season. Got themselves in front after a mistake then through a combination of 11 behind the ball, diving, rolling around, gamesmanship and time wasting held us at bay. Not how I’d want to win but each to their own. Fleck’s a dirty little t**t too. “

“Even in defeat you can see that we have the better team”

“We dominated just didn’t take our chances. Still think we’ll win the league”

“Sheff Utd definitely looked fresher than us from the start. Extra couple of games because of the cup and replay and the QPR game on Tuesday seemed to take their toll. Maybe because we finished the game at their place on cruise control we expected it to be the same. “

“Our fans claiming that Sheff United were average is just completely ridiculous. Why? Because they didn’t spank us? We were poor but they played us absolutely perfectly. We could still be playing tomorrow and the game would finish 1-0″

“Sheffield United pounced on with an energetic but disciplined display, credit to their fans who were superb throughout but unfortunately I can’t say the same regarding our fans, some need to learn how to take the lows not only the highs!”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “View From West Brom”
  1. We was dirty ? Very harsh. We definitely wasn’t at our best. Mcgoldrick and sharp for sure , weren’t.Our solid defender Egan went off half time. Thought you might have taken advantage of that. We just work hard. No superstars.

  2. Some fair comments from WBA fans, But some massively biased ridiculous comments which you onky get from poor losers. Whoever thinks WBA will finish above Sheffield United needs to sectioned, SUFC are a better all round team. The league doesn’t lie this time of the season.

  3. Sheffield United are the best side i’ve seen at The Hawthorns all season. Not only that, the noise from the away end was so loud, heard nothing like it all season!

    Good Luck to Sheffield United, they’ll definitely cause some more upsets before the season ends. The Premier League awaits.

  4. Best 3 points of the season for us. Why was Rodriguez and Gibbs not red carded the tackle on Freeman could have put him in hospital shocking.

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