“Bring on Sheffield United”

“Im not fearing this game so much now the back line looks solid. I think we can make things very uncomfortable for them.”

“Saturday is a bit of a free-hit”

“for me this game is a bit like a free hit, we are expected to get nothing out of this game and if we played like we did in the first half against Blackburn then we’ll get slaughtered!!
So let’s go there with nothing to lose and see where it takes us, anything out of this game will be a bonus.”

“This has to be seen as a “bonus ball”. No one expects Reading to get anything whatsoever so the pressure is right off and all heaped on the Blades as they will look to continue their great from this season that has seen them become genuine promotion contenders.
United have won 7 of their last 12 in the league and are unbeaten at home in the league since losing to WBA in mid December. They have scored in all but one of those games. They have shown grit, fight and determination but also can be subject to a little bit of panic from time to time like in the 3-3 draw with Villa a week or two ago. this will definitely need a performance akin to the Forest and 2nd half v Blackburn to get anything out of it. Last thing we all need is another Blackburn first half performance otherwise it’ll all be over after half an hour. “

“Goes to show that fancy, fast-flowing football isn’t necessary the recipe for wins. The team showed enough grit and bottle to see out the Blackburn game, even after a setback. Pressure massively off for Sheff United. Same next weekend please!”

“Not the greatest performance but it brought out the true fight and spirit in this set of players. Simply wanted it more than Blackburn tonight, dug deep and got a crucial 3 points.”

“With the Blackburn win we can go to Sheffield United with the pressure off a bit. Nobody expects us to get anything there and if we do it will be a huge bonus. A draw would be a huge result if we can get it. It’s all about Rotherham on the 23rd, that is the big one”

“Couldn’t have been landed with a more annoying game after a good victory.”

“Sheff Utd are a decent side, was very impressed with them against Villa until the blew up. Cant see us getting much from it”

“Don’t expect anything at Sheff Utd”

“I think we will lose, but narrowly. Sheffield United are not a spectacular team playing silky football. They are well organised, work hard and keep going. They will have done their homework on us and will put loads of pressure on the keeper passing it out and close all the space. The only chance we have is to keep it scoreless as long as possible so the crowd, turning up expecting a turkey shoot start to mutter and grumble by about the 70 minute mark, and then we get a smash and grab from a piece of quality from our man in the mask!” “Fear we will get beaten up there but the game is a bit of a bonus one. It is all about Rotherham next Saturday.”

“I predicted Sheff Utd to be around 20th this season. Spectacularly wrong – a very good side in 3rd ATM”

“I do remember saying I thinks sheff utd would go down”

“Reading4eva predicted a bottom three of Hull, Sheff U and Villa with Wednesday to win the league :lol:”

“Sheffield Utd away will always remind me of 2 things:
Nicky Forster’s bullet from outside the box on Sky & Kevin Doyle scoring after about 12 seconds in the Prem.”

“Guess who the forth official is for this one? none other than mister Geoff Eltringham himself.”

“yeah just saw that. WTAF? Surely that’ll get changed”

“I sincerely hope there’s a tactical plan for one of our staff to bump into him and accidentally land their boot in his face. Unbelievable that the FA/efl have made this decision, he should be nowhere near the championship, let alone our games.”

By Roy

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