“This could be feisty, both on and off the pitch. I watched Sheff U against Swansea the other night, and I’m not sure how the blades contrived to lose the game, as Swansea really weren’t up to much. Not much to choose between us in the form tables.”

“Far from impressed with Sheffield united against Swansea and some dreadful finishing.  I don’t think anyone in these league can match our intensity when we’re flying”

“Hopefully as far as ‘Blades’ are concerned this will be the start of a good slide”

“This has the potential of a season defining six-pointer: win and we’re 6 points clear of those behind us; lose and we’re down to 3rd and West Brom have a game in hand. A draw wouldn’t be a disaster, but it wouldn’t change much either.”
“I still wouldn’t surprise me for us to beat Sheffield and Leeds, then lose to Ipswich. “

“I’m really concerned that Sheff Utd’s game plan will be to kick us off the park, knowing that Leeds face us next as well. I’m almost expecting injuries here. I hope the ref is strong!”

“I’ll be amazed if we get out of this game without a whole new injury list.”

“I expect we’ll get the usual pathetic referee/officials and they’ll keep ‘tackling’ Bendy (if he’s fit) and Hernandez until one of them goes off ‘injured!!”

“I would have thought Sheff Utd would have wanted us to turn over their bitter Yorkshire rivals and fellow promotion contenders so kicking us off the park won’t help surely ?”

“If we are on form they won’t be able to get near us to kick. And if they do, a win for us and a red or 2 for them will be great.”

“I have no idea where people think Sheff Utd are a bunch of cloggers.   Sure they play a high intensity game like us and Leeds, but apart from the nous of Sharp that comes with age (a la Grant Holt in his prime, lots of nudges and elbows etc.) and the occasional late tackle from Robert Fleck’s nephew John (its in the genes) the rest of the team focus on playing the ball forward, on the ground, as quickly as possible.  If we go out and expect them to clog, that would be a big mistake.  We should focus on playing our own game and we will beat them.  Try anything different and lose our focus and we will lose.”

“I’m sure Farke et al are aware of their capabilities and won’t be underestimating them, they’ve been around the top of the table all season so are far from being just a bunch of cloggers.  My biggest concern, as ever, is at the back as we rarely look solid enough to keep a clean sheet – it would be good timing to go on a bit of a ‘stingy’ run in defence for the next few games.”

“Both us and them have basically accumulated a similar amount of yellow cards.”

“Absolutely massive game, and one that I actually think will be tougher than Leeds away next week. Sheffield United losing last week though has taken the pressure off us a bit, in the sense that as we’re above them this is a must-not-lose game, rather than a must-win which it probably would’ve been had we gone into this game below them. It would be fantastic though if we won, not only would we go 6 points clear but it would send Wilder and all their moron fans into a crying frenzy just like it did when we beat them at Brammal Lane last season.
Same team as Birmingham if everyone is fit. I have to say I do have concerns about Godfrey at centre back considering the attacking players Sheffield United have”

“I hope we score early, then shithouse horrendously, just to annoy Wilder”

“Just re watched Wilders press conference after the away game, banging the table and moaning away. So let’s go two up after five minutes , be late out at half time and spend all the eighty five wasting time.”

“Couldn’t care less about the spygate stuff. However, it’d be fucking magical if they do get deducted points. Just got to make sure we aren’t turning up late on Saturday for that clown Wilder”

“Bloke is a tw@t of the first order and deserves the humiliation his team will suffer this weekend.”

“I have no respect for someone, who of the age he is, and the ‘responsibility’ of his job, comes out with such drivel, like he did at the away game last season, and expects people to swallow it, and and pander to him.”

“Let him rant an’ ramble……We’ll do our talking on the pitch…….”

“it has to be said, he was pretty magnanimous after they beat us at their place this season. If he can do the same after losing, which I hope will happen to them on Sat, then all will be forgiven.”

“I quite like Wilder tbh. He’s passionate, managing the team he supports, and does things he thinks are right irrespective of who he annoys. He may have gone a bit crazy over our win there last year, but most of what he said was correct – we were pretty obnoxious that day. Equally, he recognises that we are a threat and that his bunch will need to find a way to win. Sheff Utd are a proper football team – physical, but not much whingeing or diving and rolling around. Happy to see them up there. Still think we’ll beat them though.”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Norwich”
  1. I live in Germany am a Blades fan. Was at the game last year in Sheffield sorry. The time wasting was near to South American standards. Sorry but true. If Norwich had played fair if we had lost 3-0 OK . It has spoilt my memories of the good times with Norwich.

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