“Enjoyable match to finish a shit season”

“We were the better side against a promoted team.”

“A half decent game but one we probably should have won. Good luck to Sheff Utd next season, apart from being very average see below. Credit to them for not diving about and cheating which was refreshing for a team near the top. “

“Thought round of applause at start was good, expected more from them but suppose when already promoted not going bust a gut. Wilder spent good 5 minutes giving the subs instructions BEFORE half time!then brought them on and had desired effect immediately. Them two changed the game IMHO. Number 7 & 8.”

“So basically Wilder is saying we couldn’t even beat a team whose players have been pissed up every day since last Sunday.An epic end to a God awful season.”

“Wilder is the next Billy Davies.”

“You really are making a complete prick of youself on here this afternoon”

“Wilder has four promotions with three clubs”

“He’s a quality manager mate, his record shows it.”

“he just has a look of a bloke who could lose his shit at any minute, similar to Davies. Good luck to them in the PL, think they might need it.”

“He can have Afobe, Ince, Berahino, Clucas, Imbula, Wimmer, and McClean for £5 each as a friendly gesture towards his team’s relegation struggle next season. With those players he will probably draw 38 games, which could be enough to keep them up. Now can we have Sharp, please?”

“I assume whoever played ‘Born to Run’ at the end was massively trolling Tom Ince.”

“So, for a team that’s had a shocker and finished in the bottom half, we could end the season unbeaten against all 3 promoted sides… make of that what you will”

“Imagine losing to Norwich or Sheffield United this season”

“Says it all really. Matched both promoted clubs in all areas when versus them, exceeding in some….. finish 16th.”

” 22 draws in 46 league games. Fucking hell.”

“3 wins in 25. Thank God that’s over. To go a season and a half without scoring more than two in a game is some sort of achievement though… “

“Our manager was very classy and sporting by making a move towards the Sheffield United supporters and spent a good minute or so applauding them.”

“Disagree with this completely, if people love it so much go and follow them, I’m mightily pissed off at what a mess of a season my club has delivered”

“I hate it. They wouldn’t have done the same for us”

“A massive hats off to those Blades fans. Didn’t stop singing all game. A quite brilliant rendition of Allez Allez Allez, too! Have a good time up in the Premier League. A good, proper, northern club in red and white stripes. Good luck folks!”

“They hardly sang minute 15 to 75”

“Really poor considering they were going up. Wednesdays fans were better. Leeds were probably the loudest all season. Sheffield United were as loud as Hull and they only bought 100 with them

“What kind of club rushes their own players to do a end of season parade for the players without their wife’s and kids… just so the opposition team can have a promotion party on OUR pitch!”

By Roy

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