“Let’s be honest, almost all of us wouldn’t have taken a single player from Norwich & Sheff Utd at the start of the season. How wrong we were. Well done & good luck to both of them.”

“And Norwich lost Maddison and United lost Brooks. Big fair play to them.”

“Chuffed Sheff Utd beat Leeds out, after the early Leeds wank-fest. ”

“I still wouldn’t take their players”

“Just shows that management and team spirit are more important than ‘name’ players”

“The only thing Sheffield and stoke have in common are the red and white stripes everything else we are light years behind.”

“I’m tired of the same old names, we need young hungry honest professionals. Look at the Sheffield United side that have just got promoted, not a big name amongst them. I don’t want any castaway PL player who thinks he’s doing us a favour coming down to the Championship. I want players who were giving the opportunity to show what they can do.”

“NET transfer income/spend 2018/19 according to http://transfermarkt.co.uk  : Norwich City: +£29m Sheffield United: +£5m Leeds United: -£4m Stoke City: -£29m. And Stoke fans say the Coates family need to invest more????”

“It’s a competitive division with zero quality.”

“Norwich and Sheffield are fucking average along with the play off teams. “

“Sheff Utd look absolutely shit and will be cannon fodder next season. What does that say about the massively expensive shower of shit struggling to finish 16th.”

“They will get mullered in the Premier League.”

“First time in twelve years they’ll have been playing in a higher league than us. It’s hard to see them doing anything but struggling in the Premier League. “

“Both Norwich and sheff utd will come straight back down. Enjoy your one year in the premier league”

“That’s what they said about us when we were promoted.”

“I said that about Wolves! Although I think you’re right this time”

“Because you know their teams for next season of course…”

“If they don’t spend the same amount as Wolves they are going straight back down”

“I think from 10 to 17th in The Prem they’ll be thinking they’re guaranteed survival with what’s coming up”

“They remind me of us when we went up.Wilder will make them competitive I certainly wouldn’t write them off….”

“They said we would go straight back down. Met a bunch on the M1 services when we were in our 1st season in the Prem Whilst all around were lambasting us and our style they were very complimentary. Suffered just as we have as a city and football – these statements are just sour grapes at best”

“Hopefully they’ll stay up, the top flight needs clubs like them. Sheffield is a proper football city with two big clubs, Wednesday probably even more so than United. “

“It is a shame Sheff Utd aren’t being promoted while WHam are being relegated.”

“Not saying the Sheff Utd players are enjoying their week (quite rightly) but I think we should be providing each of them with a McDonalds breakfast & a 2 litre bottle of full fat coke when they arrive on Sunday. “

“Seeing how pissed their players looked I might actually put a bet on us”

“Nah we will just give them an easy 3 points and safe passage to the league title provided Norwich don’t do their bit”

“After the dogshit season we are now going to have to witness Sheffield United celebrating promotion at our ground.”

“Can’t wait until it’s over and I can look forward to the summer international football and next season. Let us never mention this season again.”

“Can’t see there being a lap of honour. The Sheffield fans will probably remain there longer than the Stoke fans, celebrating promotion!!!”

“Sheffield will piss all over us”

“Have seen them take Leek over before and this weekend will be no different.Recall one visit that where the police shut all pubs whilst Sheff Utd were travelling through and put up road blocks.Not sure if they will do it this weekend.”

“They could absolutely take the piss next Sunday if they wanted to. Man city had to run across the pitch to try and get in the away end back in the day. Sheff Utd would have a field day this time around. ”

“We will be fine……who cares about Sheff utd”

“Already promoted – maybe they’ll come , attend the game then worry about the bigger fish they have to fry next season. Just a thought.” 

“Sean Bean will get killed in the first hour.”

“By a Sharpe object maybe?”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Stoke”
  1. The expression ‘Sour Grapes’ springs to mind.I like Stoke people and have a lot of friends there and in the rest of Staffordshire but come on Stoke supporters you were very lucky to originally get automatic promotion with 79 points.Fair does you cracked it in the Premiership but what have you done since then?Sheff Utd have got an all British squad who have cost virtually nothing,a manager who was born a Blade,was a ball boy at Bramall Lane,played for the club and is now the manager who has taken them to the Premiership.Credit where it’s due folks!

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