A collection of quotes from fans of Premiership clubs about the return of The Blades to the top flight.

Man City Fans

“Well done to Sheffield United. 6 points clear of third placed L***s with and a GD 14 better than the banjo players.”

“Congratulations to Sheffield United and especially my Blades mates after a 12 year absence. What a great achievement by Chris Wilder and his men. Six long years in the 3rd Division and he got them up in his first year. Two years later his innovations (eg overlapping centre backs), and astute man management has worked wonders again.
Looking forward to going to Bramall Lane next season.
Such a shame not about Leeds!”

“Yep congrats to the Blades, I worked in Sheffield for most of the 90s so I know a few Blades, very pleased for them especially as they’ve pipped the dirties to the automatic spot.”

Liverpool Fans

“Their side screams Brexit football “

“They need patterning first game of the season”

“Next seasons whipping boys”

“Giving the LMA award to (Chris Wilder)this anti-football dinosaur perfectly sums up “Brexit Britain”

“They play really good football acc, they get their centre halfs to overlap their fullbacks”

Spurs Fans

“Wilder is a good manager. Hope they stay up!”

“He has done a remarkable job to get Sheffield United back to the big time”

“We like them because they hate West Ham”

“Love Brammall Lane as an away day.”

“always liked bramall lane – proper old school football ground”

Chelsea Fans

“I cannot believe that SHIT Dee daa team is going up. they are so so thuggish and boring”

“We will be Competing with Sheffield United and Norwich when Hazard leaves. “

“They’ll finish bottom”

“Chris Wilder aren’t you a comedian. On Eden Hazard “I’m quite happy he’s going if I’m honest. Does he want a lift to the airport”. For a start it’s not even confirmed that he’s leaving. You think your funny haha can’t wait to see your side get relegated next season“

Arsenal Fans

“Sheffield United got Arab involvement and achieved promotion after 13 years in the Football League. “

“Well my local team Sheffield United got promotion the Prem for the 2nd time in my lifetime so if Arsenal win the the final against Chelsea I will be happy”

“Really good team with CB’s contributing a lot to the buildup and defend as a solid back 5. Would get the necessary games under the belt. Wilder and Alan Knill are a solid duo who have brought out the best in players. Dean Henderon the best example.”

Man Utd Fans

“Nobody was expecting Sheffield United to get promoted at the start of this season. It will be interesting to see them get six points off us, I mean, how they do in 19/20 “

“Really looking forward to Sheffield United in the PL next season”

“Sheffield United have been a breath of fresh air in the Championship this year with a unique style of play that must have come as such a relief to the fans who have had to endure many years of hoofball”

“Sheffield United fully deserve this promotion. Just an example of a talented manager who’s built a club up on relatively minimal resources and also playing the right way.”

“Think they’ll surprise a fair few with how they play next year. “

“Ole won’t make it here and we’ll be back here arguing about whether to go with someone inexperienced but capable of making their team play good stuff like the Sheffield manager with his overlapping centerbacks thing”

“It’s ‘Sheffield United’”

“The jobs Wilder has done at Northampton and Sheffield Utd in particular have been miraculous. He has had the Midas touch so far, and I really hope that the club enjoy a productive summer transfer window and can hold their own in the Premier League next season.”

Everton Fans

“I do hope Jagielka goes back to Sheffield, he left when they were relegated and it would be poetic for him to return as they come back”

Sheffield play there centre backs in a weird formation they get up along the full backs when they attack, can’t see them getting jags for that role. might be worth them getting him to at a bit of prem experience about the place but not as a starter. “

“Another decent sized club that was floating around the championship”

“They will struggle to stay in the Premiership next season”

“I can’t stand Sheffield United”

Wolves Fans

“Playing Sheff Utd next season. What a job Wilder has done there.”

“Really pleased for them. Proper club.”

“Delighted for the Blades. Great club, great stadium, great fans, great away day. Stoked for them.”

“Norwich and Sheff Utd coming up are both good for us. Both teams play football. ”

Leicester Fans

“They are often fascinating to watch live. Basham is excellent at driving forwards! Often very similar to the way Harry does it when he gets frustrated at the midfield doing nothing”

“Sheffield Utd and Norwich both played entertaining football be interesting to see how they get on.”

“If Sheffield United want to stay in this division, they’ll need to learn very quickly that you need to be able to keep clean sheets.”

“I don’t doubt that Sheffield United will be a lot more defensively focussed in the Premier League”

“Sheffield United will be fine.”

“Looking forward to Sheffield Utd being back. Always had a soft spot for them for some reason”

“Why did Sheffield United having a bus tour for finishing 2nd?”

“Celebrating promotion?”

“Wilder has done a great job getting them up because they’re a very average group of players. Good to see a big northern club in the Premier League and one of the best grounds around.”

“Sheffield United are a nothing club, million times more than Norwich.”

West Ham Fans

“Fantastic effort by Sheffield United, but please; had they shown the same effort and fight in their final game against Wigan in 2007 then they would’ve remained in the Premier League!”

“Try not to blame us when you go down next season”

“They blame us for everything. They do have a good manager there though.”

“This should be tasty. I wonder how many tevez chants we will bring out for those fixtures ????”

“Sign some unknown Argentine striker illegally and relegate Sheffield United again”

Watford Fans

“Congrats to Norwich & especially Sheffield United. Remember the days in the late 90’s & 00’s when SU were always a tough little outfit & for a time a lot better than SW. Realistically can’t really see anything other than both of these teams struggling.”

“Sheffield Utd in particular appear set to be next season’s Cardiff. Squad very much geared to Championship football.”

“I doubt any of the promoted teams will have the firepower of Fulham in the transfer window.”

“Fair play Sheffield United, always felt a bit sorry for them after how their previous Premier League spell went. Way too early to be writing them off, the Premier League riches (as long as you actually use them, unlike Cardiff, or don’t go mental, unlike Fulham) means that nobody goes in as a no-hoper these day”

“The day Watford are relegated from the Premier League I will celebrate. An incredibly dull league.My wife is a Sheff Utd fan and after our game on Saturday I went up to Sheffield for a curry and a few beers with her and a load of other Sheff Utd fans. They are all delighted at the glory of promotion, but not one of them is feeling particularly excited about actually being in the Premier League. What is there to be excited about? Premier league success is simply avoiding failure.”

Crystal Palace Fans

“Let Chris Wilder learn from his mistakes in the Premier League with Sheffield Utd and then get him in to replace Roy at the end of next season.”

“Chris Wilder is an absolute hero”

“They play great football”

“I’ve always had a soft spot for the Blades.”

“I follow every PL club on Twitter minus Brighton and I must say, Sheffield United have been complete value for the follow in these first few days. They’re having a great time and who can blame them? Palace 2010 levels of team spirit. “

“I went to one championship game last season. Sheffield United v Norwich. Now both promoted. Great to see them both in the EPL. Good teams.”

Newcastle Fans

“Massive congratulations to Sheffield United following their promotion to the premier league! A great city, a club close to my heart after 4 years in Sheffield & an incredible achievement from all involved.”

“Fantastic to have them back next season”

“With Huddersfield down and the other two north east teams still languishing down in the lower leagues, does that make Sheffield United our local derby next season? Jesus Christ!”

“I love the thought of a trip to Sheffield for the Newcastle game, so look forward to a Tuesday night or Sky destroying the plan with an unmanageable kick off time”

“They’ll be a tough team next season”

“Very happy for the wife today as her Shithouse of a team Sheffield United have finally got promoted back to the prem. At least creates a bit of conflict next season between us! “

Bournemouth Fans

“think one thing is blatantly obvious having watched an awful lot of championship football lately. None of the current batch are a Wolves and unless anyone has serious backing , then they can expect a rocky ride when they come up.
Villa are financially up a **** creek, Norwich and Sheff Utd look like the next Hudds / Cardiff . Norwich won’t go crazy on the spending front , not sure about Sheff Utd. “

“the championship been a strange one this season no one has really had a stand out season it has been a lot more even through the league apart from a few poor teams, i agree with them not really spending big either fulham will be a example of why not to blow all the tv money in the summer.
i reckon a trend will be set of getting promoted and hoping to stay up without upgrading team too much and get that big payday”

“It’s nice to see another English manager (Chris Wilder) doing well”

“I feel we will be struggling to stay up with the likes of Brighton,Burnley,Palace Sheffield Utd and Norwich. “

“They are a good bet to go straight back down”

“Not convinced by Farke of Norwich. He stinks of “did well to get them promoted, sacked in November” to me. Sheffield Utd would probably be like us and Huddersfield, wildcard. “

Burnley Fans

“Whoever comes up with Norwich and Sheffield Utd those will be the three relegation places next season,can’t remember the last time three weaker looking clubs came up.”

“Chuffed they’ve gone up….nice 6 points for us next season”

“They are 10 yrs behind us”

“They showed how to celebrate!”

“Brilliant Team Spirit. They’re gonna need that in spades next term. They also need to evolve slowly and not rush it, a la Fulham. Their swashbuckling style will see them take a few thrashings, next season, but it could get them some vital wins that see them safe.”

“Wilder is a great manager and will make them competitive. I’m pretty sure most neutrals wrote us off when we stayed up with the likes of Boyd and Arfield as regulars.”

“Always liked ’em for some odd reason. Remember when their ground was really odd with only 3 sides but they still used to manage an atmosphere. My worst visit there was in the 70’s when they had the Argentine Alex Sabella. He ran us ragged and they stuffed us 4-0.
As someone has said if they play the way they seem to have done this season I can see them scaring a few teams next season but they might just ship 6 or 7 against teams like City and Liverpool. Should be an interesting season for them and I hope they stay up – they are one of the sleeping giants in my view.”

“There’s very few ‘Sleeping Giants’ left, and Sheff Utd aren’t one of them, IMO. They’re a ‘Big’ Club, but their Top Tier history is patchy at best.
Villa maybe, Leeds possibly, Sheff Weds, at a push; but not Sheff Utd.”
“Definitely Villa (THE sleeping giant in my opinion) and Leeds. I think Sheff United not necesarilly because of history (although it is a very long history) but as potential I think. “

“Sheffield United are are not even the biggest club in Sheffield.
Look forward to taking 6 pts of them next season”

Southampton Fans

“Sheff Utd going up with a retro Saints strike force of Billy Sharp and David McGoldrick!”

“Norwich, Sheff Utd and Leeds are good away gigs”

“A relief Sheffield United are up and not Leeds”

“I don’t like Leeds.. and their fans were going crazy a few weeks ago when we were linked to one of their players and they looked like going up then.. different story now.
They are a nasty club, so much there that’s not nice. They don’t behave in a way we’d accept.
I’m glad Sheff and Norwich are coming up..”

Brighton Fans

“This morning I was thinking us, Bournemouth and Sheff U (or either West Brom/Derby if they come up) to go down”

“Both Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday are bigger clubs than us where history, even relatively recently, are taken into account. Sheffield United have spent the same amount of seasons outside the first half of the leagues than we have spent in them.”

“Sheffield United have wealthy owner. Some Prince”

“Chansiri knows he bought the wrong club”

“Well done to Norwood. Hope he finally gets a crack in the top flight. Can’t ask any more than 3 promotions in 3 years.”

“Hope he gets his chance (and ****s it up and United fill a relegation spot).”

“I understand Norwoods frustration, however I wouldn’t have said he was a key member of either of those promotions squads. However this year should be better for him, has been a key player for Utd all season and you’d think they’d keep him for next season rather than get rid back to the championship. “

“Norwood can cross a ball better than any of our current players. He has a really good touch. So bad move . Better than Kayal and Stevens and getting better. Good luck to him”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “Premiership Fans Views On Sheffield United’s Promotion”
  1. Hahaha Leicester fan “Blades will have to learn how to keep clean sheets next season hahaha
    We were top of the league with 21. ?‍♂️

  2. I’m sure we will be bookies favs to go straight back down again, but I see it as a free ticket – we’ve nothing to lose and a lot to gain by stopping it. It will be CW’s and AK ‘s biggest task in their careers thus far but under their guidance, I’m sure we’ll surprise a few.

    I’m not bothered about the negative comments from neutrals, you will always get them. But a message to Blades supporters. Please put the Tevez saga behind us, it was 12 years ago – let just enjoy next season and see what it brings.

    Roy – Please keep this excellent blog going for next season. I have enjoyed reading other fans comments. Your work is fantastic. UTB

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